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Monitor Archive for September 15, 1981

Mutual funds outperform stock market
Lebanon's last hope to get back on its feet-the Army
Coal crumbs to briquettes: recipe for home heating
When the economic chips are down, French couture outdoes itself
Budget battle: Weinberger, Pentagon win big

Thatcher fires three Cabinet ministers
News for the traveler: autumn at Winterthur
Trousers suit Britain
Political scholars say balanced budgets will elude Reagan
Tax law changes open new doors for mutual funds
US identifies Soviet 'yellow rain' toxin
McEnroe's tennis artistry deflates rivalry with Borg
Why the Saudis want arms
Gains for Soviets in Mideast?
Leaf fall
New US report cites flaws in nuclear power plants
Gleaming metallics
Churches accuse US of S. Africa tilt
Autumn opulence
Men's designers seek timeless designs
Maze Prison IRA inmate joins hunger strike
Worried unions aim for biggest mass rally ever in capital
South Africa's Archipelago; Islands of Deprivation
A better footing for building safety?
UN urges sanctions against S. Africa
Playful choices
Iran's rebels getting bolder day by day
Best foot forward
What happens when IBM tastes small-computer market
Northeast tightens reins on legal gambling
The final touches
Navy seeks cause for helicopter crash
Wardrobe updates
On a mountaintop in Japan Greek drama
The Reagan presidency, Chapter II
Peaceful images of the outward from within
US aids Thai opium crackdown; drug abuse troubles small-town America
US aids Thei opium crackdown; drug abuse troubles small-town America
Mideast nations begin to echo Reagan's 'Soviet threat'
Reagan's defense cuts
Why US pushes chemical warfare charges against Soviet Union
Luxury leather
Bankers, shunning 'temporary phenomenon,' now jump on money market bandwagon
Rightists shell Lebanese town after cease-fire
Solidarity replies to Soviet critics
Zaire called ripe for revolt

Peaceful images of the outward, from within
Why Haig's Bonn trip was such as roaring success
Olga Fisch: artist and mentor of Ecuadorian folk art
The two South Africans