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Monitor Archive for September 14, 1981

Soviets detonate powerful nuclear device in Siberia
Debts: US, its citizens living beyond means
Nixon just won't fade away
Cities join chorus for lower interest as bonds escalate
Teller probes science itself; The Pursuit of Simplicity, by Edward Teller. Malibu, Calif.: Pepperdine University Press. $10.95
New Zealand-South Africa rugby: no-win situation for both countries
O'Connor style, philosophy revealed
Walesa says Solidarity may build own TV station
Cleveland likely to reelect low-key mayor who saved city from default
Dock accord may restart Canadian grain shipments
Song without words
Update on the solar system; Orbiting the Sun, by Fred L. Whipple. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press. $20.; The New Solar System, edited by...
Residential status contested for Cuban girl
In Poland even grandmothers are black marketeers
The Empire Strikes Back
Haig gives fighting talk in W. Berlin
Move over you 18-24 year olds
US consul's home damaged by fire bombs
'Perfect in her place:' exhibit traces women's role in industrial America
Solidarity's feisty example
Poet helps children gain a flexible attitude toward friendship
Court says FAA exceeded authority in DC-10 ban
IRS memo reportedly slows gambling probes
'Model,' Fred Wiseman's latest documentary: in the end, brilliant
How the lure of big bucks changed the literary world; The Blockbuster Complex, by Thomas Whiteside. Middletown, Conn.: Wesleyan University Press (di...
Back to drawing board for Stockman, Congress
Has art outspaced science? A scientist says yes; A Search for Structure, by Cyril Stanley Smith. Cambridge, Mass.: The MIT Press. $30.; From Art to...
Scottish business interests ride out economic gales
Angola says South Africa used napalm bombs
Finding inner peace
A supercartel to outdo OPEC? Strategic Materials Shortages: Dealing with Cartels, Embargoes, and Supply Disruptions, by Bohdan O. Szuprowicz. New Yo...
Reagan expected to lift nuclear-recycling curb
Dorati, an underrated musician; Antal Dorati: Notes of Seven Decades. Detroit: Wayne State University Press. $ 22.50
What next in Begin-Saudi battle for Reagan's favor; Saudis ask 'gesture'
William Blake -- greatness in small packages
Judging Judge O'Connor
The practical case for a West Bank state
Japan seeks self-reliance in fuel for nuclear plants
W.C. Fields, move over; Social Studies, by Fran Lebowitz.New York: Random House. $9.95.
How protesters plan to pull switch on Diablo nuclear project
Carrot diplomacy
Dinesen's early letters; Letters from Africa, 1914-1931, by Isak Dinesen. Translated by Anne Born. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. $25
If 'Genesis' were a photo essay; Wilderness Rivers of America, By Michael Jenkinson. New York: Harry N. Abrams.
South Africa's Archipelago; Where they put 'surplus' blacks
What next in Begin-Saudi battle for Reagan's favor; Begin: U.S. must wait
Madness in his method; The Last Laugh, by S. J. Perelman.New York: Simon & Schuster. $12.95.
Hungry children -- the test of civilization?
Starting to make connections
Kremlin sharply increases price of gasoline, vodka
US, Sioux reopen Black Hills talks
Iranian elections set to replace slain leaders
A gap gently bridged
Go Jobs! Go! See a counselor
Kremlin policy on Poland: two tests to watch
Egypt orders Le Monde reporter out of country
A peek at Twain's unpublished works
Shaping a neighborhood from strangers; Urban Danger: Life in a Neighborhood of Strangers, by Sally Engle Merry. Philadelphia: Temple University Pres...
Grimms' legends at last in English; The German Legends of the Brothers Grimm, edited and translated by Donald Ward. Philadelphia: Institute for the...
Poems transparent, timeless; Poems Old and New, 1918-1978, by Janet Lewis. Athens, Ohio: Swallow Press/ Ohio University Press. $5.95 (paperback).