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Monitor Archive for September 11, 1981

Dockers may not handle fruit treated fro Medflies
Manhattan power outage third big one in 16 years
Progressing backward in Namibia
As OK nears for A-plant, a California siege looms
Khomeini's allies -- even PLO -- desert him
Mitterand's socialization of French industry begins

Reagan out of step with friends and allies
Reagan's troubled revolution

US-Israel military ties may speed Saudi radar deal
Coffee crop weathers stiff July frost
Leave peonies, once planted, in plact to thrive

GOP chairman to talk to wavering Democrats
Judge O'Connor: avoiding labels
55,000 new electronics jobs forecast
Perils of a petropower
Northeastern region won't be denied
US budget office sees no easy path to economic recovery
Coal industry gears up to supply US with more energy
Confidence of US Consumers dips and consumer magazine sales ease
Confidence of US consumers dips
US says investment curbs by Canada could backfire
Australians are hopping mad over kangaroo-for-beef scandal

An 'unglamorous' beat?; 'The Lawmakers' -- Public TV's eye on Congress
Aluminum streams back to recycles
Claire de lune

Chicago cardinal accused of diverting $1 million
A new 'Hoover commission'
World spotlight swings back to Afghanistan
Cities share N.Y. voting conflict
Drought gardening demands a different approach to water conservation
Political scholars give Reagan 'C-' for first 8 months
Hold fast
Pakistan aid proposal faces crucial House test
FBI says law enforcement alone cannot solve increasing crime
China juggling business baits and ideology
On the great heath
If Brazil is next to an abyss, it doesn't intend to fall in
Mammoth dam project on the Parana churns pioneering and patriotism
Going to the root
Solidarity call to East-bloc workers puts Kania on spot
The right not to retire

Sadat keeps opposition off balance
Reeves gets chance to juggle the Broncos
US drops monopoly case against big cerealmakers
Cost of home ownership in the '70s may look like a song in the '80s

Sioux tribe wants to stay in Black Hills; US says no
Reagan may revive impoundment
Confusion and clarity: a mental portrait of Boston
Will South Africa reciprocate?
Picasso's Guernica arrives back home
The rye comin' through in fall is good for the garden