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Monitor Archive for September 10, 1981

US advisory body will try to unravel bureaucratic knot
Stargell keeps rolling along
France plans to take over 36 French-owned banks
Dining becomes a fine art with new museum cookbook
AMERASIAN CHILDREN; Casualties of peace
New York -- fron Peking Opera to Ain't Misbehavin'
France takes an active Mideast role and gets a sharp response
War games: a warning, not a threat
Discovered by the sun
The Return
Austin clambers to top of broken-rung tennis ladder
An analytical look at corporations: are they heroes or villains?
Sharon holds W. Bank in suspense
Back to school -- and beyond
NYC vote halted over districting
Spraying sewage onto forests: new solution to waste treatment
Loyalty of clergy, guards questioned by Khomeini
God knows
Maine potato farmers want to parboil Canada
Salvadoran guerrillas get upper hand -- with Cuban aid?

Russians in Angola
Senate hearings: O'Connor refuses to be cornered
'China's sorrow' turning to joy: the raging Yellow River is nearly tamed
Holy fools rush in
Raffles: Latest wrinkle in the costly housing market

Small towns: rididng a new wave
Prime rhymers
Europe struggles with heftier US dollar
A Reagan supporter's call for a Reagan foreign policy
Griddle, corn cakes from the days of Uncle Tom's Cabin
China receives direct aid from US for flood relief
Civil rights movement: a new chapter
US won't block charging fees for illegal aliens' kids
Handmade furniture from a factory in the woods
'80s housing view: cost spiral tamed, financing stiffer
$5.6 billion IMF loan going to India, with extra leeway
Fabulous glass -- and other dazzling Tiffany forms
Gasoline price expected to rise as discount fails
Japan as third superpower? Not likely, say Japanese
For films and audiences that have had trouble finding each other: a 'dating service'

Begin, Reagan: mending fences in Washington
Women volley into equality, but what of 5-set matches?
Use prolific zucchini im muffins and bread
Questions on air safety hover

Wilkins: diplomat of civil rights movement
Oppression still reigns in Chile, Amnesty says
Worlds apart?
A guide to eating well in London
Back to the budget
Sadat frets crackdown may hurt his reputation in West
Waldheim is expected to seek new UN term