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Monitor Archive for August 6, 1981

From ice cream to economics: 'Pickwit' club talks stimulate fresh ideas
Child sponsorship dollars; HOW MUCH GOES TO HIM?
Professor's death linked to alleged Taiwanese spying
This fishmonger enjoys the smell of fresh fish
Bolivian rebels oppose new junta
Reagan-Sadat: mostly 'getting to know you'
A simplicity between two worlds
France gets a start on building its own 'Silicon Valley'
Let Americans aid Vietnam
China schools: less rote, more ideology
Vietnam war memorial; 'VIOLENCE HEALED OVER BY TIME'
Big business opts for 'minitrials'
Military cuts, too
W. Berlin hit by wave of immigrants; ALSO OF A NOTE
Gambian President's wife rescued by Senegalese
Reagan, controllers: eyeball to eyeball, and neither blinked
Israel-Iran-Iraq: Mideast triangle takes ironic twist; . . . as 'enemies' trade military parts, and others ask 'Why?'
Boston chefs cook for summer picnic
Funny, rueful look at today's permissive era
Where were we -- at baseball mid-season or the start of second?
Airline travelers can expect a safe trip if FAA sticks to its strike plans
How we spent the baseball strike
Plums come in more kinds and colors than ever before
Reagan's blueprint for war on poverty as viewed from the 'trenches'
Columbia's second flight: proving its 'space truck' billing
From 1932 to 1981
Ansel Adams; Protecting the Environment with a Camera
Volunteers help keep grand historic estate in top shape
Live opera on radio -- not just the Met any more
TENNIS; Clerc on tennis rampage
High costs hit Bolivian tin mines
Coming Reagan tax cut gives priority to long-term relief
Tilting toward theocracy in Mr. Begin's Israel
'Mr. Petrov' spells out Soviet view on Afghanistan
W. Berlin hit by wave of immigrants; ALSO OF A NOTE
Refugees: pushed by persecution -- or pulled by opportunity?

Strikes clobber Australian pay plan
Reagan asks for letup on auto-emission rules

Trustbusters in mergerland
Margaret Thatcher tries to end Cabinet war of words
W. Berlin hit by wave of immigrants; ALSO OF A NOTE
Aid for a run-down New Haven area comes in a package
Laine, Galway Team
Auckland protesters clash with police over Rugby
BASKETBALL; Touchy situation for Lakers
France plans food airlift to help the hungry Poles
Colorful summer salad from sunny Provence
Al-Fatah guerrilla figure is wounded in Warsaw
A neighborly way to settle disputes
'God bless'
W. Berlin hit by wave of immigrants
GOLF; Hole-in-one slip-up
The bomb is bad, but a ban would be worse
When risks are worth taking
Begin, president Cabinet, calls for new Soviet ties
S. African blacks find champion -- in white Parliament

Poles appear baffled, ambivalent as dangerous confrontation looms
The search for essence
Reagan for voting-right extension
America's first woman justice -- the Hollywood version
Mediterranean fruit flies now reported in Florida
There's finally a niche for the Big Cat
Strike effect on business, vacations: so far, it's fizzled
A blessing