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Monitor Archive for August 24, 1981

Czechoslovakia bears down on dissent -- and churches
Escaped spy captured by FBI in Northwest
Tarts and ices: a summer treat
India-US relations hit new low as rearming of Pakistan continues
Australia's new sales tax aims at budget balance, lower income tax
OPEC, Nairobi, and energy's future
Tokyo, Seoul rivalry now shifts toward partnership
'Will you pay your bills today?' the telephone asks
Colombia frees journalist who interviewed guerrillas
Not every school has a $2.7 million solar teaching aid
Summer Harvest; Capture the freshness
Mrs. Bani-Sadr rejoins her husband in Paris
Wild berries make the best preserves
Computerized reconstruction of an unstructured robot; "You see, there is a dream, dreaming us"; (African Bushman to Laurens van der Post in Mauntis...
The Cowboys prepare to work their magic
Zesty condiments to make from a bountiful tomato crop
Gentle power
Christian Democrat to join new Lisbon government
Need money for college -- it's available!
The playoffs revised: better, but still flawed
Guantanamo 'attack boat' blows up; 12 men lost
Truong Nhu Tang: 'only a second guerrilla uprising can free Vietnam'
In praise of parsley, and other culinary herbs
Reagan keeps rolling
Blueberries and lemon combine in a cake
No teachers' room is complete without a computer terminal!
Prison overcrowding seen as key cause of problems
Haig's view of major world issues
UN energy conference fell far short of third-world expectations
The litter in our lives
Lights of a summer night
Helping 'problem workers' -- supervisors might start with themselves
How long do you belong to the students? Forever
Parenting lessons from an overtended garden
US Navy needs full steam to catch USSR -- Lehman
Learning gently how to see
May it always be there
The green revolution revisited
Children find art an adventure in multi-media center
Japan searches for soldiers still fighting World War II
As C0[2] rises, will lowlands sink?
Fierce credit crunch ahead? Economists trade opinions
Trend of the economy
World air controllers spare Us
Foreign firms ease US stakes
Sure this art communicates, but is it any good?
Kremlin warns: don't follow Poland
Winners, losers in new tax law
Hardly a Remington portrait; Bucking bronco of a show on the Texas legislature
New England ranks high in attracting students from outside
Norwegian premier faces election with tide against her
The deregulators
S. Africa's Parliament gears up for battle over squatters
Voyager 2 expected to solve some of Saturn's riddles
Veteran's insanity plea wins in assault case