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Monitor Archive for August 14, 1981

US oil shale -- 'its time has finally come'
Reynolds moves upstate, bringing 'gold' to the 49ers
Gambia: Tiny sliver of a country still shaking after coup attempt
Sources for instant hot-water heaters

Kindness, common courtesy: vital aids to racial harmony, rights leaders say
Rescuing delinquents: private agencies do it best, anyway

Unusual resources for a rich and bountiful garden
Race: three fresh initiatives
Britain battles hunger-strike propaganda on two fronts
Jab at allies' arms outlays given to Congress by US
Caracas: 'Too many people, too much noise

Real-estate business communications tap space-age technology
US banking now and in the '30s: some parallel peril?
It's push-button war in the board room as computer displays go fancy
Polovchaks leave without son
Poland again chooses moderation over confrontation
US environmentalists worry say on pesticides is waning
Hunt on in South Africa after rebel rocket firings
International air traffic controllers in holding pattern
How not to probe a union
A big vote for the courts
A Victorian with a leaky roof: tin over gutters may be good
Arts 'ambassador' seeks silver lining in funding cloud
Two Mideast hard-liners show readiness to bargain; Lebanese Phalangist willing to drop ties to Israel
Neutron bomb: why it worries the russians
Sweeping new law has something for everyone

Alleged threat to Kennedy clouds parole for Sirhan
Soviets 'give' on SALT qualms
War between mullahs, leftists staggers Iran
The Andrea Doria treasure hunt
Jonestown, UNESCO, and the free press
Satellites back up theory that sprays hurt ozone
Old nylons as 'watering wicks' and other recycling hints for the garden
More peanut butter is on the way, folks
Planted awhile
What drives the Americans

Unloosening the US farmer's financial knot

Nerve gas moved in West smoothly; more flights on
US weighs welfare shift to end open-ended aid
Administration puts government 'in its place'
Land-hungry Switzerland eats up hundreds of nation's small farmers
Healing by reflecting God
The music maker
Midnight Tryst
A way to leakproof glazed windows
Today's West Point
Two Mideast hard-liners show readiness to bargain; Israel softens on the West Bank -- but not PLO
Australia stung by racism charge by World Council of Churches