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Monitor Archive for August 13, 1981

One-stop shopping for a mortgage? It's more like 30 now
Lessons from the PATCO strike
Libya offers Lebanon an air defense system
A window poem for Mary
Boston's mass transit: a phoenix or a dinosaur?
Haitian refugees moved peaceably to Puerto Rico
US still hazy on arms for China
George Plimpton
Berlin wall, 20 years later: people still try to flee
Kennedy would like to win big in '82 Senate run
College campuses see influx of women reentry students
GM plans more joint work with 2nd Japanese firm
A new look at safety issues raised by strike
Basketball Hall of Fame -- if you can find it -- honors greats
Opera composing? It still has its champions
Europe's electronics giant 'thinks lean' to fend off Japan's inroads
Chinese porcelain figure
New plans for crowded prisons
Polish 'Man of Iron': film parallels real life
When does an American become an American?
Boston getting its fiscal, political houses in order
Moscow in arms-control shift hints willingness over weapons verification

IBM unveils new home computer line
Europe sits out US race to stockpile strategic materials
Not just us-against-them
South Africa pushes to end discrimination on the job
Veteran director challenges today's films -- and audiences
Basketball Hall of Fame -- if you can find it -- honors greats; Basketball consolation eliminated
21 GI technicians teaching Honduran troops, US says
Brzezinski: it's time to speak to PLO
Waterway cleanup: Columbia River diversion will flush polluted lake
How the other half sails; LUXURY YACHTS BY HENRY R. HINCKLEY & CO.
Unpaid oil fees for Western Indians may prove hefty
So far score is owners, $ ;the fans, 0
Panel says US bungled chance for crime inquiry
Vegetarian dishes can be a part of every family's meals
Tomatoes, cucumbers in a cold summer soup
GOLF; Nelson wins PGA
Observations on Jerusalem at twilight and a dialogue
Financing for returnees
Fresh summer peaches are ripe and plentiful
As American as a mail-order catalog
Reviving the middle class
Nairobi: energy as politics
Sweet plums for brunch
Iran seizes Danish ship it says had arms for Iraq
Turkey pulling itself together
West Coast Sears widens surplus stores
FEC, Reagan Campaign team in legal clash
Grace across centuries
Poland looks to church mediation
Please don't say 'Cheese'!
Soviets say Afghan rebels mustered 700 in an attack
Good is here, regardless
BASEBALL; Around the majors
US scans medicare option to allow private coverage
Fueling the southern world; Most of Earth's nations seek to save forests, use renewable fuels
Labor organizer Ray Rogers:; 'fighting power with power'
Westinghouse, ABC plan 24-hour all-new cable net