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Monitor Archive for August 12, 1981

Poles may get chance to hold a real passport
100,000 are still in slavery in Mauritania, report says
Military controllers play crucial role in strike
Iranian resistance group storms embassy in Oslo
Florida, California, step up pest curbs; new fly found
Artist Botero's fat, fun-filed world; Botero, by Carter Ratcliff, New York: Abbeville Press Inc. $75.
'Garbologist' sizes up Americans by studying refuse
Communist wall of shame
Boston's $1 million seed sprouts $3 million in urban aid
Montanans: with severance tax, coal boom will not drain our state
Battling the gypsy moth and Japanese beetle
Real estate information
Republican governors map 'GOP big-state strategy'
If Angels recapture their elan, look out
Mystery makers: For Sayers, Lord Peter was mere whimsy Hammett stepped out of Pinkerton into print; Shadow Man: The Life of Dashiell Hammett, by Ric...
Reagan's next theme -- touchy social issues
Gardens of praise
Drawn home again
Mel Torme and the sound of American pops
Theater in sign language -- the drama is still there

Is it a bit too warm for comfort? Just remember last winter
Taiwanese Air Force pilot defects to mainland in F-5
Lending to family members may be better than setting up trusts
Easel talk
Broker on hot seat with new issues ends retail sales
Soviet nuclear policy not so 'clean'
The urbanite as shepherd
Listen -- and obey
Press freedom is sticky subject in the Philippines
Mystery makers: For Sayers, Lord Peter was mere whimsy; Dorothy L. Sayers: A Biography, by James Brabazon. Foreward by P. D. James. New York: Charle...
America needs SMALL carriers
Poland: Warsaw Pact's 'Achilles' Heel'?
Drafting Reagan administration's blueprint for aiding minority business
Viets said to be holding former camp detainees
Vietnam builds new order in Cambodia
Range fires raging in 5 Western states
In today's energy-conscious era; Post-and-beam houses make old-fashioned sense
Israelis dig up City of David -- and plenty of trouble
Joint accounts risky
ERAs in practice
US-Soviet relations blow hot on grain sales, cold on neutron bomb; Neutron bomb brings icy propaganda blast from East
Israelis grim, Arabs grin, as Reagan again delays jets to Israel
Coke to aid black areas; 'rights' boycott called off
'Creation-science' and the law
Tourists lose the luxury as Italian workers strike
Sun power from the Land of the Rising Sun
US weighs bending rules to toughen up on crime
Canadian mails moving again
Veteran professional Golfer Doug Sanders keeps his rainbow bright
Tax break helps Americans abroad
US-Soviet relations blow hot on grain sales, cold on neutron bomb; Grain deal may presage wider thaw in trade relations
Tuning the New Federalism
Enter trowels and mortar in a Berlin wall protest