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Monitor Archive for August 11, 1981

Enjoy a bit of quiet privacy at Brown's
Neglected delight: Walton's First Symphony; First Symphony: Walton Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, Vernon Handley, conductor. NONESUCH H, 71...
The splendid art of drawing -- at its very best
Shaping a dream into a hard-won success
TV has a date with Saturn
Lisbon coalition collapses
Ex-Thai premier returns to politics with a bang
Solidarity seeks to rescue economy, ties to regime
Unity at OPEC session is iffy
Casino backers just won't give up in New England
Why the Shah's pilot flew Bani-Sadr to Paris
Discontent billows over US farmlands Many farmers feel Reagan has failed to deliver

Liberian officials arrested in alleged overthrow plot
Air traffic controller vs. US
New study boosts nuclear reactor safety; Risk of steam blowup called insignificant; less chance of leaks
US fisherman can now sell their catch directly to foreign nations
Making the FAA a 'good boss to work for'
Election '84 -- insiders say Mondale runs for White House
Surrounded by prayer
Canadian air controllers down US transatlantic flights
How to salvage 'Made in USA'

US decision on neutron bomb sends tremors through allied capitals
In elegance praise of life as he saw it
New and renewable
California's Diablo Canyon plant: target of planned antinuclear protest
Saudis expect dividends from their help to Reagan; US softens on PLO, hardens on Israeli settlements; US shift may be mostly 'tactical'
Saudis expect dividends from their help to Reagan; US softens on PLO, hardens on Israeli settlements; Riyadh calling in summer's IOUs
US advisers ask for end to all natural gas controls

US plans GI bill benefits to beef up Army, Marines
Summer's lure: sunshine, balmy breezes, and Bach
British universities get lesson in Tahtcher economics
Rams think butting each other is over with -- now it's on to the foes
Whaling foes repelled by Soviets in Bering Sea
Mexico's up-and-down oil price -- now it's down, and sales are up
Fast-pitch softballer mows' em down at 95 m.p.h.
A heroic little schooner plies historic Lake Champlain
Rugby contoversy tests Australia-New Zealand tie
In elegance praise of life as he saw it
Reagan team writes off zero-base budget system
How to keep human rights alive under Reagan
Tips for successful inn-keeping
Israeli diplomatic buildings hit in Vienna and Athens
Lebanese tycoons thrive despite war, but public sector suffers
China to offer a mountain for foreigners to climb
N-bomb -- propaganda fallout for the Soviets?
Controller strike: searching for a way out