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Monitor Archive for August 10, 1981

Pushcart's delectable sampling; The Pushcart Prize VI: Best of the Small Presses, edited by Bill Henderson. Wainscott, N.Y.: The Pushcart Press (Box...
Beep! Basic skills Beep! Basic skills Beep!
Miss Piggy as oracle; Miss Piggy's Guide to Life, as told to Henry Beard. New York: Muppet Press/Alfred A. Knopf. $12.95.
The sage of West Falmouth
Mayor Byrne defends payments to family
Poland: hopes of compromise endure despite angry words
Travel club helps teens discover their city
California spray acreage doubled as flies spread
We haven't been working on the railroad
Prisons: view from behind the bars; In the Belly of the Beast: Letters from Prison, by Jack Henry Abbott. With an Introduction by Norman Mailer. New...
Sleek Broadway comedy with a roman a clef plot
Iraq to build oil pipeline to a Red Sea terminal
Bowles: a master of bizarre exotica, irony; Collected Stories 1939-1976, by Paul Bowles. Introdcution by Gore Vidal. Santa Barbara: Black Sparrow Pr...
Fine Blend: suspense, decency; The Clowns of God, by Morris West. New York: William Morrow & Co. $14.95
Spruce up a dull summer with offbeat holidays
Poorer nations ride out storms
Leaning our ears to committed voices
Some Du Pont shareholders see wrong mix in merger
Mideast twist: Israeli recognition
US neutron bomb decision puts Schmidt in the hot seat

Washington's Star sets, and with it, competition
Soviet farce with twist of lemon; Pretender to the Throne: The Further Adventures of Private Ivan Chonkin, by Vladimir Voinovich. Translated by Rich...
Doubt sounded on ability of US arsenal to expand
Britain fed up with Soviet diplomat-spies in London
More 'Show and Tell' with entry-level, hourly wage employees
Book briefing: varied smorgasbord from independent publishers; Black Superstars: Getting Ahead in Today's America, by Bernard Mackler. Buffalo , N.Y...
Storm brewing over South African Rugby team's US tour
Lull ends, Soviets renew pressure on Poles
The neutron bomb -- how it works
Mexico's Lopez Portillo tries to draw skittish Castro, Reagan closer
It's free, so; Looking Back, Moving Ahead: A Decade of School-FinanceReform, by James A. Kelly. Ford Foundation, Office of Reports, 320 East 43rd St...
INSECTUS ex MACHINA (or, Wildlife translated)
Even 9th graders have to go to work
Eerie poetry from northwest England's woods; Ways Through Bracken, by Thomas A. Clark. The Jargon Society (distributed by Gnomon Distribution, PO Bo...
Reagan another Franklin Roosevelt?
South has a large share of 'death row' inmates
State lawmakers' sticky task: enacting new taxes to fill void left by shrinking federal aid
Book briefing: varied smorgasbord from independent publishers; The Baseball Catalog, by Dan Schlossberg. Middle Village, N.Y.: Jonathan David Publis...
Advancing the cause of bookwormishness
Of Zanzibar, slaves, improbable romance; Trade Wind, by M. M. Kaye. New York: St. Martin's Press. $15.
Basic points from 'MX: Prescription for Disaster'
The neutron bomb decision
Red Brigades' tactics send shock waves through Italy
Why US labor unions don't picket with PATCO
Inside story of Wounded Knee; Sitanka: The Full Story of Wounded Knee, by Forrest W. Seymour. West Hanover, Mass. The Christopher Publishing House (...
Just what is a small press?
Boston police, fire departments in clash with US judge -- yet again
Califano memoir: the staging of how many exit scenes?; Governing America: An Insider's Report from the White House and the Cabinet, by Joseph A. Cal...
Split-season plan widens pennant race
Unexpected job in jobless is puzzling to economists
Maxims for a short career
Saudis may force OPEC price cuts, drop own output
Breaking barriers to progress
Wind power waits on decisions by government, industry
For two Greek heroes from the sea -- home at last
Portuguese premier says he can't handle party foes
Simon Bolivar born in the '60s
The years at Monticello; For a monumental Jefferson biography -- a grand finale; The Sage of Monticello, Vol. VI, Jefferson and His Times, by Dumas...
Why it is hard to build up America's defense
Airline pilot group seeks AFL-CIO aid in union fight
Saving the wilds begins with caring; Common Ground, A Naturalist's Cape Cod, by Robert Finch. Boston: David R. Godine Inc. $12.95.
Two killed in Ulster riots after ninth striker dies
Airports, airlines face costly transition as strike drags on
As its trade deficits mounts, India is seeking record-breaking, multibillion dollar IMF loan
Trend of the economy; Reagan's dilemma: balancing third-world aid with jobs at home
Child's story of bygone era; Letters from Carrie, by Janet D. Harder. Illustrated by Bonney C. Schermerhorn. Sylvan Beach, N.Y.: North Country Books...
Case against the MX, a shell game that could misfire; MX: Prescription for Disaster, by Dr. Herbert Scoville Jr. Cambridge: The MIT Press. $6.95 (pa...
Book briefing: varied smorgasbord from independent publishers; Cocktails at Somoza's, by Richard Elman. Cambridge, Mass.: Apple-wood Books (Box 2870...
Hopes for liberalizing reform in South Africa fizzle
The new playoffs schedule
Thought and feeling joined
Per capita income rose 10.2% -- prices did too
Soviet 'peace drive' seen which could shake NATO
An Olympian peers at 1984 games and perceives 'winners' everywhere
Paris faces unpleasant choices over African Crackdown
Record unemployment heats W. German summer of fiscal discontent
Drawing new lines against drunk drivers
US governors cast wary eyes at 'New Federalism'
Book briefing: varied smorgasbord from independent publishers; Editing Your Newsletter: A Guide to Writing, Design and Production, by Mark Beach. Po...
The price of making the parched West bloom; A River No More, by Philip L. Fradkin. New York: Afred A. Knopf. $15.95.
Using the buddy system helps family enjoy museum expeditions
Book briefing: varied smorgasbord from independent publishers; The Road to Gdansk: Poland and the USSR, by Daniel Singer. New York: Monthly Review P...
N-bomb signal: there'll be no European veto
Voting Rights Act gains surprise backers in Washington