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Monitor Archive for July 6, 1981

Immigration crisis: new call for action
Ratings are in: investors switch channel to pay-TV, independents
6,000 Wild Horses in Danger
Modern Israel or the Holy Land -- both are open to students
Change in Poland: not if, but how far should it go?
By the light of the moon

Late tallies give Begin the nod for new regime
What Britain's monarchy means to the world
Gandhi flashes a 'China card'
New start for Head Start?
What? A journalist who wants to teach in Bogota
Lady Diana
Energy-rich states aided by severance tax ruling
What Britain's monarchy means to the world and the British
Dutch want gas to go for industry
Updating Lock 26: a major snag to traffic on Mississippi
Clerical pay continues upward
Germany, Japan discover dents in their accord on automobile exports
US said to tighten wraps around 'Stealth' bomber
Resurgent US dollar open gates to increased American tourism
To do what needs to be done
Poles' bloc partnership votes no economic balm
Women and the draft
'Myths' about illegal Mexican immigration
The Reagan report card: high marks on most tests
The Fourth makes a bang again in nation's capital
Gromyko closes no Polish options
Lessons from a child: finding joy in work
Evidence grows that budget ax will spare environment
Top executives bullish on US
The strong and the weak
Quotas gone, US shoemakers see flood of footwear from Asia
World theater beats a path to . . . Baltimore
Austrian welcome mat gets a bit tattered as a steady stream of Poles heads West
snipping red tape: it takes government coordination
Needed: a foreign policy 'jazz band leader'
America's quiet revolt
Helping frustrated families deal with child abuse
Canadians chuckling as takeover shoe changes feet
US in no mood to be lobbied on arms-control talks
French-Mexican goodwill dries up over oil dispute
Once upon a time
Battle of the networks
Soviets, Syrians in naval 'games'
The pitfalls of 'overparenting'
Cool receptions for latest proposals on Northern Ireland
Royal Advice: On putting Britain back on course
The feeling sinks in: 'new federalism' is here
Ulster adversaries move to end prison impasse
Secret US talks with PLO continue, newspaper says
Britain's battered economy
2 British areas churn with racial incidents
East-West Germany: arms talks, visits, and Wuppertal's new statute
Why Federal aid cutback will have smaller impact on Southern cities
With the Wimbledon crown -- a mellower McEnroe?
Overture to a duet
Integration: a goal for schoolchildren
The Royal Wedding