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Monitor Archive for July 30, 1981

Kings, pageants, and US: John Adams set the tone
Frances bows out; Soccer's loyal fans; Orange golf balls; SOCCER; How now pro attendance?
Communism in Cuba: have its benefits been oversold?
Israel: new power bloc within; US backing undisturbed; Behind the Neumann resignation: he wasn't 'a team player'
Reagan's next test -- will his tax, spending plans work?
15th season for New York's widely imitated Mostly Mozart series
Gromyko assails US arms of Pakistan and China
Pakistan 'oil wealth': workers toiling in foreign oil fields
Israel: new power bloc within; US backing undisturbed; Why Israel is America's No. 1 weapons customer
Hindu 'untouchables' converting to Islam for a chance at a better life
Frances bows out; soccers loyal fans; orange golf balls; GOLF; Bright new look in golf balls
One killed in new Liverpool riots
Spain asked about report of secret American base
Farmland: going, going
Britons and monarchy -- a serious fairy tale
TV's documentary season -- when ratings don't count
Israel: new power bloc within; US backing undisturbed; 'Oriental' Jews -- angry new majority
Composer Peter Mennin; Music with a 'face' -- something for all time

Mr. Reagan vs. Mr. Begin
Canada stamps its feet over lengthy postal strike
Wave of food protests breaks out in Poland
Crowds enjoy wedding panorama since huge security is unobtrusive
Growing Chinese cities squeeze nearby farmland
World inches closer to a ban on commercial whaling
Clear, cut glass dishes lighten summer table settings
Francis bows out; soccer's loyal fans; orange golf balls
With Poland's harvest: rain and a political hot potato
Casey gets more help at the top
Frances bows out; soccers loyal fans; orange golf balls; Whitworth's million-dollar guest
Turkey planning to import wheat to stabilize prices
For newcomers in town needing mail addresses, private firms fill need
God's reign can end drought

CZECH NOVELIST KUNDERA; Comedy 'deep enough for tears'
Does it matter where a movie's made these days?
The newest coach in Wooden's shoes gives a UCLA preview
Consumer, cattleman gain from easing 'cattle cycle'
Comfortable alternatives to a box spring and mattress
Economic bellwether slips again
'A marriage which really works is one that works for others'
Earthquake takes toll in southeastern Iran
US air traffic controllers reject contract heavily
Does US cleric's death cast doubt on aid to Guatemala?
Use prolific zucchini in spicy cookies
US talks free trade, but curbs remain tempting tools
Morocco and Libya mend diplomatic ties
Carrier opens cooking school at English country estate
Texasgulf mineral bounty falling to overseas control