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Monitor Archive for July 3, 1981

Court's Iran ruling affirms President's foreign policy role
A star rises at Wimbledon

Emotion makes an end run around the courts

Bangladesh -- Chugging ahead
Creaking economies of East bloc nations show serious strains
Remembering the good of it all

Tracking down a finish for keeping wood tone

Light-plane industry revved up and awaiting takeoff
The Cicadas
Auto workers rejoin big labor federation
Britain moves to revive home rule in N. Ireland

US jobless figure slips -- sort of

Two big US banks raise prime rates to 20.5%
'Psst! Mister! Wanna buy a jojoba plantation, cheap?'
Marcel Breuer, architect, teacher
Taxing the perks: US delays ax on fringe benefits
Gypsy power
A special glow

Dealing with the Russians -- realistically
Begin's opportunity now
In Lebanon: a battle ends, hopes for peace mount
Basics of selling your house
Libraries turn over new leaves in quest for funding solutions
Where hope comes from
Rubble of Mideast tension lands in Tehran
County governments put high tech sleuths on 'case of leaky budgets'
What the editors think
Nordic enthusiasm for nuclear-free zone pleases USSR, but not US
You may use the luffa gourd plant for decor, salads, or -- a dishrag

Turkey puts muzzle on political discussion
Uganda -- again
How I coaxed a VW diesel to do 80 m.p.g.
Food stamps to continue uncut through Sept. 30
S. Africa's universities take a step away from apartheid

Iran awaits a showdown -- fundamentalists vs. leftists
Do big campaign donations give business an edge with Congress?
What could be sweeter? Not dry fructose, says US sugar industry
The key to governing

Moscow's Arab friends admit it can't find toehold in Mideast
Woman judge in Arizona high on top court list
Damping street noise
West Berlin youth unrest flares up

What should pay TV offer?
Everybody's Walden

Arizona law keeps a protective eye on state's native desert plants
US denies ruling to start sending on F-16s to Israel
Reagan's affability spikes the verbal 'guns' of Democratic opponents

Even the agronomists favor Tonge's backyard loam

US in no mood for rebellion this 4th of July