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Monitor Archive for July 27, 1981

Waltzing to a mineral boom
On McDonell farm, the sheep are thirsty
This test 'guaranteed' to improve spelling
A tiny tin miner cashes in on 'metal of the future'
After monitoring your children's behavior -- the tables are turned
Fragile Lebanon cease-fire gives US time to rethink
GAS & IRON DIGGING FOR DOLLARS DOWN UNDER; In the Pilbara, the ore trains are rolling at koala speed
In who's who of coal, Utah is the mine king
Yugoslav view: Poland not safe yet
Lebanon fighting opens Arab doors for Soviets
US air traffic controllers wave off tentative pact
Dragline deluge; 'Wild West' rush to rustle coal
The Dulcet Hour
Tantalum may be tantalizing, but investing in it is tricky
GAS & IRON DIGGING FOR DOLLARS DOWN UNDER; Portrait of a 'roughneck': mud, money, and might
GBS rail strike
From Moscow to London
Beau -- My Poodle
Carmakers sing manufacturing blues: few customers
Georges Bank: 'just another (oil-rich) hole in ground'
Three Tongue-Twisters
Mitsubishi: vying to be the mouse that roars
Mad Trees
Network TV's only black anchor man says news distorts US image
The case of Casey: will he survive growing opposition?
The Polish party congress: who won?
Survival English for Asian refugees
Chicago Irish urge a US role
What! No Sears catalogs?
Glittering prospects in the Kimberleys
Where the economy is heading
Strike-happy workers testing the Aussies' mettle
Deadline? Wing it.
Tensions ease between London and Dublin on hunger-strikers
Those Grand Verandahs
Rajai wins Iranian landslide
Don't drive clubhead at the ball; aim hands along arc of the shot
Coe intent on outrunning his middle-distance feats

Model 'senators' debate the issues
Plane that fell in USSR reported on Iran arms run
Ex-EPA chief sees letup on curbs copied abroad
Trend of the economy
Britain's economy sagging, despite uplift of the royal wedding
Wedding rehearsal gives London peek at pageantry
Commission compromises to protect sperm whale
Gambling's hold on Aussies: showy, but costly
Bulgaria loses an 'heir apparent'; period of political infighting likely
Balladeer's irreverent songs touch hearts, trouble Kremlin
Need something? Pour out!
Battle of the brands: are generic products a good buy?
Clock ticking for tax showdown
Wheat watch: drought dwindles, blades grow
King of aluminum foil? It's not all wrapped up yet
Vietnam said to oppose UN talks on Cambodia
Hunter Valley rides a $7 billion investment wave
The poor rich Arabs and the friendless US
GAS & IRON DIGGING FOR DOLLARS DOWN UNDER; Western Australians: tall on Texas-style confidence
The Casey case
and a gold-plated rebirth for Kalgoorlie
Running Home at Night
The 'backwater' sends a cultural tide to foreign shores

Beyond the cease-fire

Spudding oil wells: outback to offshore
Watergate's influence on Washington
GAS & IRON DIGGING FOR DOLLARS DOWN UNDER; North West Shelf Project: tapping a seabed bonanza
When Dad takes a break from his job to care for baby
Early Oswego
Tass says US vow to start arms talks a sop to allies
Schmidt urges his party to back austerity budget
Now, let's hear it for that lower-case 'd'
To have a double spring
What My Home Means to Me
New absence
Hunger -- Poland can't talk it away
'Tough bloke' prime minister knocks union clout
US company's investment helps Indonesia develop New Guinea
GAS & IRON DIGGING FOR DOLLARS DOWN UNDER; Tom Price: a mining town in the hard-scrabble frontier
Rugby-field brawl puts New Zealand-S. Africa games in jeopardy
Shearing without shears hits snarls
Lang Hancock: iron-ore monarch with rich lode of ideas
For the America's Cup returnee, it's good sailing in business world