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Monitor Archive for July 24, 1981

Even you
High noon over taxes in Congress
A $13,000 home: 'model' indeed
Titanic still eludes search but glint of hope emerges
Italian auto official freed by Red Brigades guerrillas
British general sizing up zimbabwe on need for aid
Credit officials say payment delays rising
Illinois blacks win suit, head for a posh suburb
A chalk talk for the media on rudiments of football

California gas station: sells methanol
Yugoslav poet on trial for defaming Tito in verse
Capital loss
Business ups and downs: a newspaper demise, TV gold mine, Chrysler outlook; In the nation's capital: a Star falls
Do you think your school system has problems? Try Boston's
Communism never was the enemy

A dozen former hostages may seek more from US
Lebanon fighting: PLO claims 'gains', Israel divided

A nine-year-old impresses America -- 216 years later; Mostly Mozart in Washington

Battle over airports in US capital -- White House wants a shift to Dulles
Reagan's inflation damper is working, but GNP and jobs also slip
The bigness of business
A nine-year-old impresses America -- 216 years later; Clearly an early work -- but such imagination, poise, and mastery!
To take notice finally!
Hyatt hotel hid collapse of a roof, paper says
Business ups and downs: a newspaper demise, TV gold mine, Chrysler outlook; Vote of confidence in commercial TV
Reagan finds it's hard to push Israel -- even with Congress willing
Banks agree to give weary Poles a grace period to pay back huge debt
Joint panel agrees to cut social security minimum
Hamburg takes a new delight in unkempt lawn
Kenya nomads take refuge from drought
Soviets dispatch another dissident to 9 years' silence
Shared nuclear knowledge: help or hindrance to peace?
Too easy
Twists in East and West with conventional arms
Harold's duck takes a bow
Nudge on Namibia
The test for true royal wedding watchers -- a 4:30 a.m. start
Despite parade, Poles turn to bread-and-butter issues
Measuring the midyear slump
Stay firm at the Fed
Easy way to add insulation, new roof to a mobile home
Business ups and downs: a newspaper demise, TV gold mine, Chrysler outlook; Chrysler: little profit may go long way

Holding the line on two fronts
Squatter evictions upset white S. Africans
New Reagan anti-drug program is prepared
Iranian elections: Rajai the shoo-in

American criticism fails to unite Israelis
A tossed salad of plant nourishment
House paint peeling badly: how to forestall it next time
Parched days of summer; Giving the garden maximum moisture
Corporate bonuses help lick inflation -- for those in the executive suite
Phony disability claims by US employees studied