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Monitor Archive for July 23, 1981

Tips for dacquoise:
Turk is convicted in Pope's shooting

First black justice named to Zimbabwe's high court
Softer US line on corporate marriages isn't so sudden
Musical careers and family life -- and how one couple manages it
Where will tomorrow's good films come from?
Sweeten with honey
Robert Frost lived here
The Afghan war goes on: biggest battle near Kabul since 1979
By trying to smash PLO, Begin risks alienating the US
Americans buying used cars in record numbers
Kremlin indicates it can tolerate Polish reforms
Gains in foreign currency raise Exxon profits 77%
Take a few moments to assess opponent
Municipal strike roundup from coast to coast
Airport '81: Good old Boston politics vs. developers
Final budget to bail out Massachusetts towns
The circuit-riding clown who's made ballparks roar
Food: an opportunity for presidential initiative
Postal storm abates with 3-year pact
Economy slips -- inflation, too
US denies disaster funds on California Medflies
Marketing insurance with a rifle instead of a scatter-gun pays off
Fallout from building boom in Australia's tourist mecca
Building Navy ships faster-and for less- Maine's Bath Iron Works
Onward from Ottawa
Airline, dock strikes averted in Poland
Fresh limes give flavor to crisp broiled chicken
Gypsy moth(er)
Creationists' aim: a high court test
Jean Marsh in a Chekhov play?
Tips for Paris-Brest:
Cold Chinese noodles a hot weather favorite
South African saboteurs go for strategic targets
BASKETBALL; The latest in specialization
Multinational bankers OK on new Polish debt timing
Four-star desserts from France
BASEBALL; Milwaukee says, 'Sorry, Hank'
Tennessee nuclear projects: high- voltage debate; Controversial Clinch River reactor survives budget ax
The house was quiet and the world was calm
Credentials for the CIA
Chrysler turns a profit; first time since 1978
Household names in Canadian oil vanish under nationalist pressure
Nationwide strike called against Argentine policies
Fast mile for TV, maybe; naming ballparks; Wimbledon's silent rooters
TENNIS; A most awkward situation
The Hunts of Texas agree to $500,000 soybean fine
Nicaragua struggles to expand export trade
Spaniard snubs wedding in Britain over Gibraltar
PLO guerrillas no match for Israeli military -- but they fight on
Children and crime
Today's student activists:; MARCHING TO A PRAGMATIC DRUMMER
Post-summit: Reagan digs in on Begin and tight money; US toughens on Israel?
Japanese kimonos gain appeal as wearables and works of art
Fast and fresh foods; Fast and Fresh, by Julie Dannenbaum. New York: Harper & Row. $13.95.
The Family Protection Act: handle with care
Post-summit: Reagan digs in on Begin and tight money; Fed plans even tighter money policy in '82
Night Storm
Tennessee nuclear projects: high-voltage debate; Even in Reagan era, TVA chief is backed on expansion plan
'Today's Super Rich' -- innocuous, so-so summer viewing
Post-summit: Reagan digs in on Begin and tight money; Summit balance sheet
Namibia: the view from southern Africa
Threads of wonder
Like water off a duck's back