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Monitor Archive for July 17, 1981

Scotland Yard chief calls for calm in a riot area
Australian banks sharpen pencils to finance resources development
First meeting for the 'board of directors'

Pros and cons of pesticides: can farms get along without them?
Watt proposes leasing all US offshore waters
For each Saudi Arab there are two jobs
US postal officials resume talks as strike threatens
Hard-pressed cities putting squeeze on their employees
It was calcium not sodium, sulfate
US charts new course on nonproliferation
A 'shelter' from storm and sun; Paper mulch forms a haven in which seedlings thrive
Enterprising Connecticut
Planting a pretty garden pathway
What Capitol Hill listens to most
Bankrolling Poland's 'renewal'
Use care to remove paint from brick
Termites don't attack adobe, but beware straw, moisture

Reagan assurances cool down Casey affair
The lost and the found
Reagan's 6-month 'tour de force'
Natives of air and sea

Out front in the US auto sales race it's . . . Escort
States draw new House districts with slow hand

It's a new salary game in the NBA
US's double bind: To please Israelis and moderate Arabs
Choosing best way to reroof church
Pregnant women advised against drinking alcohol
Peking cheers Sarah Caldwell's 'Traviata'
2 Sandinistas' resignations are accepted in Nicaragua
Iraq's atomic intentions -- the view from Baghdad
Japan's top 2 carmakers report a drop in exports
Formal steps and legal documents complete the sale of your house
Britain forced to defend Northern Ireland policies
Air raids on the Medfly get going at full strength
Computers make mergers easier
Urban League gathering to tackle causes of alarm' among the US blacks
'Fiddler' -- a landmark musical is back on Broadway
Stockman sees inflation at 7% by autumn of '82
Massachusetts' budget journey leaves a trail of political wreckage
The prayer of faith that heals
French oil firm to buy oil from Mexico again
Stolen burger costs more than 79 cents!
Ottawa summit: allies get a chance to size up Reagan
'Honesty tests' help businesses screen job-seekers
Arms control head Rostow underscores Soviet 'cynicism'
Muscovites-in-the street freely predict: 'No bloodshed in Poland!'
Bill gains for overhaul of telecommunications
Reagan and the bomb
The sleek 280-ZX turbo wasn't speeding, but it certainly had that look

Opportunity in Ottawa

Pierre Salinger -- ABC News's controversial American in Paris
Moscow's tough choices for the '80s