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Monitor Archive for July 14, 1981

US seen building case for more aid for war-torn El Salvador
San Francisco mayor wages a campaign against crime
More Bani-Sadr followers killed as he vows revenge
Fed is firm on tight money, Boston official says
Kenya pours its coffee profits into big search for offshore oil
Weaving threads of light and point of style
Experts convinced Vietnam using chemical warfare
White House advisers' ups, downs
Fund eases shift to 'hottest action'
Travel for the elderly: be sure to ask about discounts
California judge rules out spraying to study hazards
When 'gentry' move back to the inner city
Money-fund investors show plenty of clout on state and US legislation
3 Soviet envoys ordered expelled from Malaysia
Massachusetts: closed until further notice?
Poland could remake communist history
It's not going to be Francois-Helmut
New US plan challenges oil slash
'The Great Himalayan Traverse'
S. Africa's financial future not quite 'good as gold'
Kenya breaks ground with formula to turn coffee husks into charcoal
Violence over new death upstages Ulster parades
Going, going gone? Bidding for Conoco heats up
Sweatshops 1981
Manned linkup by Soviets with satellite/lab hinted
US/USSR ties put to test on two fronts
No more safeguards?
Pakistan denies reports of Kashmir border clash
Poland could remake communist history
Charting the political reefs ahead for Reagan
Milan Stock Exchange reopens; prices drop
Merrill Lynch comes to golfers' rescue -- and draws imitators
Nationalization throws Paris financial circles for loop
Poland: the military implications
Human rights as a key to security
W. German economic forecast shows a pickup
How much do people really care about baseball strike?
Knowledge and intelligence
Waving farewell to 50-cent bus fares
Weaving threads of light and points of style
Thatcher critics shout for more jobs; riots spread across Britain
South African Rugby team is promised visas for US
Future of American parks, wilderness: buying more vs. improving what we have
Boston reenters China trade -- with arts exchanges
Seoul's Chun makes big hit with ASEAN
Central Africa's francs sag under weight of soaring US interest rates
The Caribbean confab