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Monitor Archive for July 13, 1981

Eight ways to tell New York from Los Angeles from London
Protest brews over hefty EC alcohol tax
Shazam! What happens at magicians' convention?
Ottawa summit: heading off looming foreign trade clash?
Havana says five Cubans taken in plot to kill Castro
Sun music
Black business faces test: will Reaganomics spawn growth?
Caribbean aid package agreed on
The harvest of the mental turf
Making Friends
Two authors view the world; Solvency -- The Price of Survival: An Essay on American Foreign Policy, by James Chace. New York: Random House. $9.95.;...
John Muir: mountaineer, conservationist, and writer; John Muir and His Legacy: The American Conservation Movement, by Stephen R. Fox. Boston: Little...
Why Soviets change their tune on Poland
The Soviets: reaching for the stars; Red Star in Orbit, by James E. Oberg. New York: Random House. $12.95
US investors sniffing out the Australian exchanges
Where New Right and old right diverge
Smaller property tax bills will arrive a bit late this year in the Bay State
Understanding the Soviet threat; The Soviet Union and SALT, by Samuel B. Payne Jr. Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press.
Pick of the paperbacks; Unsetting Europe, by Jane Kramer.New York: Vintage Books/Random House. $4.95.
That other Sitwell: Edith; Edith Sitwell: A Unicorn Among Lions, by Victoria Glendinning. New York: Alfred A. Knopf.$17.95; Edith Sitwell: A biograp...
Israeli planes attack 2 points in Lebanon
Britain: an epic test of tribal cooperation
Pick of the paperbacks; A Short Walk in the Hindu Kush, by Eric Newby. New York: Penguin Books. $4.95.
The spring
Taking a tip from Ike
The midnight gardeners
The US and El Salvador's violence
Magic Johnson's contract has its own magical aura
Reagan and tax cut: will he have to settle for less?
The Joy of Achievement
Pick of the paperbacks; The Fear Brokers, by Thomas J. McIntyre with John C. Obert. Boston: Beacon Press. $7.95.
Among the new city folk: Burlington, Vt., Casper
Dublin warns London on Hunger strike negotiations
Stuck on some homework? Pick up the phone; ask an expert.
Remembering the good of it all
Mexico's Central America strategy
Why be bored?
A look at the world's under-reported millions; Villages, by Richard Critchfield. Garden City, New York: Anchor Press/Doubleday. $17.95.
Federal hand prevails in 'Medfly' extermination issue
Report from Australia -- poor grades for teachers
Italy's new government wins parliament OK
Exploring WWII treatment of Japanese-Americans
Bringing technology to the village; The World Challenge, by Jean- Jacques Servan-Schreiber. New York: Simon and Schuster. $14.95.
Cecil Rhodes -- 'A Touch of Churchill, A Touch of Hitler'
Grandmums' jumped at big Caltex offering
Hollywood writers' strike on verge of settlement
Bigger defense may mandate draft
4 OPEC nations reported hurt by the oil surplus
2 exiles who hijacked jet face stiff action in Cuba
Pick of the paperbacks; P. G. Wodehouse: A Portrait of a Master (New Revised Edition), by David A. Jasen. New York: Continuum. $8.95.
The political pluses of Judge O'Connor
Invite lonely sailors home, the Navy asks Chicagoans
Iranian leftists not intimidated by ruling mullahs
Dip of the knee straightens a swing
Rethinking warfare; National Defense, by James Fallows. New York: Random House. $12.95.
'The faculty can provide the missing cultural diversity'
A novel to amuse, baffle; Loitering with Intent, by Muriel Spark. New York: Coward, McCann & Geoghegan.
Egypt sees a friend in Sudan's Nimeiry
Plan of action to halt riots eludes Britain's leaders
600,000 enrollees in China's version of an open university