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Monitor Archive for July 10, 1981

Drugs and the Navy
Fresh beets from your garden spring, summer, and fall
'One of the best G-rated pictures in years'
Reagan names a Hoosier for comptroller general
Consumer's Voice -- an urgent need in network TV; The Norman and Bill shows
Thatcher urged to use troops to halt rioting
French want to kill death penalty
The city may benefit; Boston's political heat wave
Pied piety
UN Cambodia parley to test US-China-ASEAN harmony
American Bar revises ethics code and maybe attorneys' public image
A happy ending to the saga of Grand Canyon burros

Consumer's voice -- an urgent need in network TV
Unrest grips Poland on eve of crucial party congress

Will the Soviet empire survive 1984?
The court steps in where Congress fears to tread
Who's in charge?
US easing trade rules on high-tech for China

Bill for agricultural funds includes food-stamp cuts
US trade credo's faith in free markets comes under fire
India turns to Soviets to bolster its arsenal after US agrees to supply Pakistan with F-16s
Begin government can expect religious issue revival
USSR: bread, yes; meat, sometimes
Moscow, Poland, and the hourglass; The dangers of timidity vs. the dangers of might
There's a fly in Gov. Jerry Brown's soup
Bill to define start of life at conception faces delay
High interest rates, legislative hurdles trouble Reagan
Night Thoughts
House freezes MX funds until the site is specified

A spill-free way to deliver blooms
In the torrid Southwest, a swaying palm tree brings instant oasis
Big business in the third world: gains on all sides

Adjusting to another culture
Marcel Breuer an appreciation
How an inventory twist is putting new LIFO into companies' tax returns

Old buildings, new appeal
Charges fly as latest attempt to end Ulster hunger strikes fails
The world oil glut: is Mexico's cut 25%?
How the baseball strike hits a rookie pitcher

Khomeini orders action on enemies of revolution

US lifts 'rights' opposition to loans for 4 Latin lands

Britain keeps close tabs on Ulster's paramilitary forces
Giovanni Spadolini: the man to set the pace of Italy's new government
Choosing one's chews