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Monitor Archive for June 3, 1981

Tax-cut tug of war
Reagan firm on tax cut, Lefever
Mapmaking: synthesis of wonder and science; The Mapmakers, by John Noble Wilford. New York: Alfred A. Knopf. $20.
Roger Whittaker plays to music's 'silent majority'
A helpful reference work for brand-new driver; Your First Car, by George and Suzanne Fremon. Cockeysville, Md.: Liberty Publishing Company. $3.95.
House unit OKs new cuts in social security benefits
Begin's party comes from behind in poll
Supreme Court to weigh US transfer to Iran banks
Luminous union flowers, landscape and sky
Another electronic revolution: microchips that talk, listen
Used-car auction -- where the dealers deal in wheels
Sale of graduates' names to US recruiters debated
Don't underestimate the Soviet Union
Air strikes by Israel seen as deterrent to Lebanon peace
Beirut foes bar residential targets
Here's a blue sky idea that really is just that!
Soviets talk tough: Should Poland worry?
London double-deck bus ride for Boston shoppers
TDA Options
For the Bela Bartok centenary -- a London triple bill of opera and dance
Not alone
Cost of new houses hit $84,000 average in April
Tax effects on Keogh funds
Foreign service wives seek recognition for their diplomatic work
The politics behind Polish law-and-order controversy
This Paradise
Korean Achilles' heel: students
Power politics in W. Berlin draws national attention
A bomb that backfired; The Secret That Exploded, by Howard Morland. New York: Random House. $14.95.
Gun control: antigun groups chalk up wins at state level
Let's take a cue from France
Mexico City target: stop pollution by end of 1982
Curbs on use of water eased in south Florida
Stern, loving, and perceptive essays on life in the countryside; Letters From the Country, by Carol Bly. New York: Harper & Row. $12.95.
Pensive en route
Iran leader fights back at his critics
Late President's brother elected No. 2 in Ecuador
Move is on to spur Asian development projects with petrodollars
President and Congress: the tug of war begins
Bangladesh says leader of attempted coup killed
This summer they'll be counting raindrops in Montana
Small committee with global clout
Keeping CD funds in just one bank; taxes on Keogh funds; Diversifying money-market CDs
Botha building up big expectations for South African federation
Keeping the phone lines open at the CIA
How Los Angeles expects Olympics to turn a profit
Nuclear 'facts of life' intrude into Japan defense furor
Becoming clearer, presently
Consumers take a breather from spending spree
So long, Bombay; hello, Mumbai
US public says, 'No blank checks for scientific research'