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Monitor Archive for June 26, 1981

Crystal Cathedral
International banks OK plan to defer Polish debt
Mercy drive
Civil liberties: more state courts take cue from state constitutions

LTV's steel consolidation proves an 'ideal marriage'

A cleric vs. a broadcaster; Should sponsors be boycotted to clean up TV?
Cucumbers mean more than just salads and pickles
Construction workers ordered back to mines
'Mom and pop' return; Home brokers think small
'Siberian seven' begin 4th year as 'guests' of US Embassy in Moscow
US blacks seek practical signs that President is sensitive to their wants
In Short
GOP smells budget victory but Democrat's undaunted
EC members forge plan to rescue steel industry
Wimbledon breathes tennis -- and strict discipline
A legal defense of the Israeli raid
As Communists join French Cabinet, allies talk security
Menotti talks of opera on TV: it works -- sometimes
French Communists climb aboard Mitterrand's wagon
American B-52s shatter Australian quiet, trigger heated nuclear debate
Waterproofing the masonry of a brick-veneer house
National interests and Mr. Begin
Senate pushes constitutional cage for US budgets
'Pro-Taiwan' Reagan finds strong reasons to shift on China
Hydropower: often neglected energy source for post-petroleum era
Saudis to cut oil output because of world glut
What the Russians tell Cronkite
Reagan's regulatory cleanup: Will it do the same for the air?
Prickly pear an easy-to-care-for landscaping asset -- and it's edible
Thereby hangs a tail
Public broadcasting wins reprieve in White House
Communist parties: suffering from Moscow's 'sins'
Asia's giants shadowbox over ties with opposing big powers
Davis-Bacon is out of date
Argentina's economic woes may win support for leftist guerrillas
Cease-fire called in town under siege in Lebanon
The PLO: poised on the edge of wider recognition -- or an abyss?
Wildflowers may thrive by default, but you can help them along
Anything but vanity
Court, Congress agree: no female draft
2 new NLRB nominees vex labor
Baseball owner insurance faces possible blockage
Pact for Sinai peace force completed by 3 nations
Paris, Bonn renew their tete a tete
GOP smells budget victory, but Democrat's undaunted
Boston's glamorous mayor suffers popularity slump
US swoops on big heroin ring

The foreign aid challenge

US weapons may be getting too complex for troops

Hovering British defense cutting ax comes down on Royal Navy

Rights panel: GOP budget endangers minority gains