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Monitor Archive for June 25, 1981

Beyond survivalism
France: the pink and the red
New recipes with whole grain can add a special flavor

Sir Ralph Richardson
Seize the inflation tiger
Us defends report on communist arms in El Salvador
East-bloc women: equal pay, long hours, few promotions
Bearding Colonel Qaddafi in his Libyan tent
TENNIS; On McEnroe's outburst
Jogging along the Rhine, sans canine interference
Mortgage payments lag
Poland's students flaunt solidarity T-shirts but stick to their studies
Yay, Pawtucket!
Detroiters vote increase in the city's income tax
Mechanical bull no problem -- just hold on and hope
Iranian elections ordered July 24 for new president
Looking back on the baseball strike
Entrusting the economy to politicians or gold?
Mitterrand victory could make Thatcher shift economic focus
Pissaro's message for today's world of work
US politics -- summer 1981
Jobs for youth: cooling a long hot summer?
AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL; Letters that unlock prison doors
Affiliation by name, too
Summer in a city park
French Socialists firm toward Kremlin

Team-player Bush wins plaudits from former Reaganite detractors
Bosses look at grades
'I think they've caught me!'; Pearl Bailey -- as the Disney artists see her
America's welcome: wearing thin?
Majority on Hill urges an end to AWACS deal
Political theater's middle ground
Is it libel if it's never printed?
The 'little railroad' that might
EC panel issues plan to reform the budget
EC comes out with 'agenda for future' to end budgetary flaps
Danny Ainge eyes the Celtics -- turmoil in tennis
Ethics-in-government drive sputters
Reagan prodded toward arms talks with Kremlin
Soviets hope Communists in France don't rock the boat
Gas and utility appropriations rise
Rugby and race: New Zealanders find that playing South Africa can be complicated
Israeli raid could spark Iraqi-Syrian alliance
Technical schooling gets World Bank spur in China
Lyric plaint
Afghan rebels step up attacks
Czechs who won't be robots
Delays bog projects
US pilot group is cautious on collision-avodiance plan
More loans for mobile homes
*Dancing* to the music within
TOUCHING OTHER BASES; Pull, pull, pull
Canadian postal strike threatened over pay
Stock analysts see more voltage in electric utility issues

The raid and the Holocaust
Lines that tell

Fire chief wins prize for stew
They're neglecting the potato in Maine restaurants
Confusing White House signals peril international lending agency
Australia peeved with its neighbor, worries games threaten Commonwealth talks