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Monitor Archive for June 23, 1981

Unions rally for fight on labor law changes
Nostalgia a hit in ballad spun by ex-pro pitcher
Lebanese Christians refuse to call struggle 'religious'
Across US: sighs of relief over air settlement
Why can't Poland get down to work?
Venezuela finds major oil pocket on land just as reserves begin to lag
Reagan policy in Africa arouses OAU hostility
Moscow's 'want-ad corner' lets skillful consumers beat the system
It was a game of names at the US Open
The many masks of modern art
Chinese people flock to movie houses for entertainment
A visit to the real Little House on the Prairie
Watt energy policy wins favor
The Bard in Canada: a solid 'Coriolanus,' but . . .
A Marxist prisoner joins Belfast hunger strikers
Quick comments
Quick comments
Lennon slaying suspect changes plea to guilty
Mauritania has outlawed slavery; it has yet to end
Balking on Sinai peace force
Bronze regains popularity with sculptors, public
The financial planner -- a nest-egg adviser not just for the wealthy
EC says it joblessness rose 35% over May 1980
Prime interest rate slips back up to 20%
Congress can't get off fiscal merry-go-round
A sourcebook of workshops, seminars for the thinking vacationer
Polisario guerrillas claim heavy toll of Moroccans
'Superman II' debut leaps tall box-office records
European arms control: right but risky
Egypt tries to ease tensions responsible for Christian-Muslim riots
Dutch turn to 'loop detectors' to untangle legendary traffic jams
Lending a hand in Evansville
Government regulation may not be main reason for power plant delays
Quality controlled by God
Japan's cottage workers -- vital cogs in big machine
An arrest in Atlanta: But has there been too much pretrial publicity?
Launching Europe
Quick comments
Green Noon
Throwing bucks at the Pentagon: a critic speaks up
20-cent stamp still sought by Postal Service board
Showboat basketball
The skills of praise
High court finds president's liability in civil suits a tough issue to settle
Europe trims the sails of its welfare states
An ex-classical pianist on the road to jazz stardom
France's vote for change
The world won't wait
Quick comments
US wheat harvest: bountiful in bushels but tight in profits
Indian tribes decry Reagan budget cuts
EPA hopes to simplify job of meeting clean-air rules