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Monitor Archive for June 19, 1981

"What a word is this!"
Science -- network TV's hot new format?
Uneasy neighbors, themselves divided; Syria's present regime more appealing-if compared with Muslim Brotherhood

East Germany's political prisoners raise West's hackles
The Karamazovs will juggle anything -- well, almost anything
The 'shringle' bush and how it grew -- a delight for catbirds and people
Electrical hazards get the static for many fires they didn't start
U.S. doffs velvet glove in stance toward Soviets
Kania smiles, patriots raise funds -- and Poles long for strawberries
What the editors think...

GSA gives team 60 days to clean up the agency

Pontiac driven to recapture the youth market
Uneasy neighbors, themselves divided; Israel mudslinging election offers voter's a 'fascist' or a 'saboteur'
Reagan's radical brand of federalism
Middle East: Today's hot spot while Europe, Asia stay cool
Western European rocket undergoes new test firing
Safeguard the courts
The Strout touch

The risk-takers
US, Iraq agree on A-raid resolve
Italian Republican leader able to form new Cabinet
Haig hawks a hard line on Cambodia to ASEAN ministers
S. Africa to US: 'Let's start afresh'
Kennan stirs things up -- usefully
How critics of prison crowding view court ruling
Air traffic controllers' strike threat poses big labor test for Reagan
Prevention the best way to stop plant pests, but an attack helps
Tax cut: river runs strong for Reagan's plan

Reagan can tip Supreme Court scale to right
First-quarter surge in US revised upward yet again
Ex-Senate environment watchdog lashes out at Reagan-Watt policies
Swiss chard of another color is just as tasty
As world shapes tin market, Malaysia seek to raise output
A matter of time
The Reading
Great course for US Open
Greece breaks off talks on operation of US bases
Israel's raid as a warning symptom
Panel named to revive home-owning prospects
German bus builder picks town 'Out West' for shootout with US competition
A water-resistant sealer not good for linoleum floor

A Prince, a First Lady, and 1,300 men in blue
World Cars 1981, by the Automobile Club of Italy. Pelham, N.Y.: Herald Books. $37.50.
From the 'me' generation to 'we': an '80s forecast
US sees events in Salvador going 'in right direction'

Bani-Sadr a 'missing person'