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Monitor Archive for June 18, 1981

Reagan meets the press: an 'oh-shucks act?'
New 'family protection' bill filed

The perfect Father
The Sacbut
Updating the NATO Alliance
AAUW pursues more direct political action
Watt accused of falcon offense
Congress investigates military drug use in wake of USS Nimitz accident
Watch your language
Australia tries to get US courts to ease up on antitrust
Mayors group president foresees greater city dependence on states
Americans' spending rose in May as saving slipped
Two traditional fish dishes from an Arabian family
Juicy, fresh mangoes in a breakfast cake

Arms for China?
France moves toward its own 'new deal' of social change
Behind the flashy images of today's fantasy fad
Trident A-sub going through its paces
'When am I going to get out of here?'
Greengrocer tip: buy fresh, tender fruits with good color
White House appoints a communications aide
Hostility among partners keeps Cambodian united front from taking off
History book offers glimpses of Canada's prairie women homesteaders; A Harvest Yet to Reap: A history of Prairie Women, compiled by Linda Rasmussen....
The empire of ice cream
Reagan's first veto might end legal aid for the needy
TV videos steal the show from Kenya movie houses
Iran races toward total mullah rule
Democrats craft alternate tax cuts
Private investment key to Caribbean aid plan
Chicago (Tribune) Cubs should be fun -- if and when games resume
Europe, jolted by unemployment, blames Reagan and 'tight money'
Evolving a beauty born of the earth
Cold, refreshing souffles: desserts for a summer night
Canadians gobble up US petroleum shares
Deregulation hearings probe at mountainous AT&T
British banks urging companies to stop paying workers in cash by the week
Tent City, Copley Place, and the bed of muck
Budget cutting and undercutting
Powdered coal: auto firm tests its potential as a gasoline substitute

Women's rights in Europe get a gust of fresh air
Quick Shadows

'Violence ratings' issued by television-watch panel
Nicklaus aims for US Open No. 5, but rivalry is sharp
High court bucks Reagan policy in cotton-dust ruling
World visitors trek to Brazil's ambitious oil shale project