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Monitor Archive for June 15, 1981

Mayors ask assurance that block grant funds will filter down to them
Off the beaten tourist track: land of tulips wants to sharpen its appeal
Arab reaction to Iraq attack: 'mild now, maybe not so mild' in future
Natural gas boon turns out to be a bit of a bane
Amnesty cities disappearances
Inquiry at a N. Y. A-plant faults US inspection setup
My First Trip Alone
Temporary worker progrms: not so temporary after all
If Reagan had asked Nofziger
Begin bloopers cause credibility gap -- but he's surging in the polls
Flowering clones
Election results in Irish Republic deal blow to peace process in Ulster
Strike-deserted major league stadiums: everyone comes out a loser
US and China: accenting the positive
Optimistic scientists try to improve long-range weather forecasting
US budget 'revolution' -- how will public feel about it by fall of 1982?
The making and shredding of secrets
Rotterdam harbor -- where world's freighters and tankers drop anchor
New land from the sea provides room for housing
GOP lays plans to take House
The Forest
Denmark saves on energy with waste energy
Scotland Yard to increase security sheild for Britain's royal wedding
Holocaust survivors meet in Israel
Modern farmer Jones runs his 'business' from an office in town
Trend of the economy
What happens when an Indian village tries to escape from 'bondage'
UN disunity on raid may let Israel off the hook
Dutch bankers take a hard look at economic policy
Meese: Israeli raid can't be allowed to foil Habib
Rising unemployment may produce new turns in nationwide salary talks
UN to help Egypt fight drug trade
Filipino election has anti-US flavor
Treating toads like princess, their journeys to pursue
Debate that could topple Bani-Sadr is postponed