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Monitor Archive for May 8, 1981

Spanish democracy put to test as upsurge in terrorist violence shakes Army and nation
Stalled US, Polish coal shipments force Europe to seek new sources
House panel kills funds for US breeder reactor
Teamsters shift power, but likely not policy

Middle East roundup; Where shopping lines get longer and longer
King Coal: nuclear power's troubles may put it back on throne
Bermuda and its unions agree to settle strike
Expelling Libyan Diplomats: first US step vs. Terrorism
Japanese carmakers target the engine-savvy market
Reagan program: Big victory behind, big 'hill' ahead; President has won budget he wants, but three-year tax cut debate rages
Freedom of information but press responsibility, too
India disturbs smaller neighbors with plan to tap Asian bank for loans

Pelleting your garden seed this spring will pay dividends; here's how

Middle East roundup; Missile sites fuel talk of fifth Arab-Israel war
Japan's ABCs of management for America's XYZs
Suzuki visit cements ties between Reagan administration and Japan

After tulips smile, it's time to prepare for next year
Britons go to local polls in test of Thatcher's hold
Still a bargain!
A talk with Dan Rather -- ten weeks into his new job

Freedom of information

The way of wild flowers
Had enough sleep?

A booming voice boosts the Rockets
Hard-pressed middle class dwindles; Latin America's rich-poor gap is not closing
Middle East chessboard: the game resumes
How expensive -- 40 cities
Ulster Protestants panic at hint of unified Ireland

Elizabeth Taylor effective in Lillian Hellman's 'Little Foxes'
Two US agencies raising interest to new highs
South Africa: a mandate for change
ACTION agency nominee survives foes in Senate
If you think your city's costly, try Douala or Libreville
Sands funeral: an appeal to unite
Middle East roundup; Begin and Assad: Can they back down?
Women's group to push ERA in Mormon country
Black plastic 'mulch,' carefully installed, produces carefree garden plot

Beleaguered Boston's feuding politicians edge toward compromises

Woodpeckers damage wood-shake roof
Sealing wood shakes: check further first
It's Reagan's ball game now -- to win or lose
Chinese journal steps up attack on Hua policies
Great Lakes -- immense US reservoir of fresh water -- not depletion-proof, report warns
Protestants feel left out in Ulster; Americans know Bobby Sands, but have they heard of Garry Martin?
Those dashing US fighters -- can they really hack it?
Reagan program: big victory behind, big 'hill' ahead; Democratic strategy: 'Pick up pieces' after Reagan economic plan collapses
Ex-presidents on the shelf
Natural siding for a mountain home
Tentative pact reached at New York newspapers