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Monitor Archive for May 6, 1981

Californians take to 'farmhouse' kitchens
Rickover says sub yards gouging US on overruns
Trust management
Anderson, Ind., set on beating back high joblessness
Networks line up their fall shows as cable TV looms
Chasm remains in coal strike
French minorities chafe at central rule from Paris
After a free-market surge, Sri Lanka orders austerity to curb inflation
The thrush and the weasel
Something new in Polish newspapers: The real news
Trust information
Unraveling a mystery: Saturn's magnificient rings
Are Belfast photos staged for media?
The gathering storm in Guatemala
Democratic chief seeks probe of right-wing PACs
Jefferson Davis has his day; Jefferson Davis Gets His Citizenship Back, By Robert Penn Warren. Lexington, Ky.: University Press of Kentucky. $8.75.
A long view of Houston and Boston
Britain's PMs: the good, the bad, and the so-so; Prime Ministers, by George Malcolm Thomson. New York: William Morrow & Co. $15 .95.
A new economy for the US: Keynes is out, a global Marshall Plan is in; Revitalizing America: Politics for prosperity, by Ronald E. Muller. New York:...
Beautiful covers highlight antique game collection
Sihanouk launches Cambodian 'united front'; US, China hint aid
Thai King gives amnesty to those in coup attempt
To rent your housing or own it? Pay heed to inflation's effect
Senator Hatch spearheads attack on affirmative action
Let an energy auditor loose in your house and stand by for quick, thrifty advice
Teachers, utility workers back up Bermuda strike
'Evil: Its Nature and Demise'
One Is Enough
Business meetings evoke their own booming business
Coming to a head
One more squeeze on inflation
Throwing money at defense
Desegregation with Reagan touch
Of the retiring sort?
Tax-reform row threatens Sweden's ruling coalition
Reagan's Mideast policy: pragmatism, not ideology
'Taste of Honey': a winner returns
Replacing stock certificate
US says sub didn't know Nissho Maru was sinking
The setting: some like it chic
US mass transit: loss of some riders could make it stronger
Finding new uses for bases that the military closes
Overfishing has subtle and far-reaching side effects
Riding the rails with New York's crime-busting 'Angels'
Petals and patriotism lure throngs to Washington
British troops tighten security vise on Ulster
The government jobs no one wants
Senate panel to check Williams on ethics issue
New US foreign aid director sees greater role for private enterprise
Energy shutters? Well, maybe
The wilderness set
NATO pledges to zero in more on third-world crises
Remembering brave Juri
Kim Young Sam let free says, "There is no justice in Korea now'
Lebanon breathes a bit easier as crisis with Syria and Israel eases
A gem at the New York City Opera
Ulster: focusing on peace
Aloof, mysterious Tibet as it looked in 1942; A Portrait of Lost Tibet, text by Rosemary Jones Tung, photographs by Ilya Tolstoy and Brooke Dolan. N...
French eggs in Moscow's basket