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Monitor Archive for May 27, 1981

Canticle of the Creatures; (after that of St. Francis of Assisi)
Daily life in Beirut -- just how much artillery fire is 'normal'?

Acquainted with space, spring wind in my branches
Will liberal education survive?
A lord's letters resurface, at last

'Learn the way out of prison'
Fine antique porcelain can complete a room, says New York dealer
Boston's muddle: fiscal or political?
US, Japanese warplanes in Okinawa exercises
Ulster gets time to catch its breath
Cyprus voting hews to centrist course
The real item, please
Rust in system could turn arms buildup into a big backlog
Calligraphy: handwriting fit for a queen
Congress tries striking new blow at rent controls
Proofs of God
The perversity of battleships
The Reischauer shock
Hard choices loom as US ages, families shrink
Brazil's arms sales worry neighbors -- and competitors
Schmidt battles nuclear opposition in his own party
Red star dims in Africa
Everyone has a will -- but not a uniform way
Ecuador's testing time: Will nation continue progress without Roldos?
Farm sprays can hurt farming
Trudeau readies for clash with Reagan over relations with third world
Charles W. Yost, diplomat, scholar
What makes an opera season work? Tricky blend of staples and novelty
The '40s: decisive time for American art
The rhetoric is cooler, but Mideast pot boils on
Some things never change

New Englanders put obstacles in path of legalized gambling
Court rules on gulf gas, antitrust
OPEC freezes prices till end of the year
Reagan honeymoon wanes as Congress stirs on key issues
Another adult is listed among Atlanta victims
Indianapolis 500, '81, was a year of firsts, controversy
More states clear way for TV to record trial proceedings
Photovoltaics -- sun power wired direct to your home
A way to destroy PCBs is OK'd by US agency
Canada signs major grain deal with Soviets
Geology that reads like a thriller; Basin and Range, by John McPhee. New York: Farrar, Straus & Giroux Inc. $10.95 .
Women and the pursuit of a career in mathematics
Banking on exports
Atom safety: lesson not learned
Italy hunting a new government
A 1980 dip for the airlines
Chemical firm plans recycling
Life in Lebanon: government a mess but private sector booms