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Monitor Archive for May 26, 1981

Burger proposes basic job training for convicts
Soviets hope to pick up trade as US-Japan ties fray
Reagan presiding over a new 'era of good feeling' in US?
Whether it's an antique or a curveball, Ted Simmons has an eye on it
Changeover in Ecuador following plane crash
Habib pushing Syrian missile crisis onto wider stage

'My favorite ice cream flavor? Have you tried zucchini?'
Take away those principals
Women legislators form caucuses to monitor issues, sharpen skills
Romania, fearing Polish-type strife, warms up to other bloc allies
New Hampshire mutters forbidden words: 'Income tax'
No to nerve gas
That OPEC oil glut may well be vanishing soon
It's the season for picnics, berries and barbecues

Can Reagan keep the public behind him?
New economic features
Crisp vegetables in layers are colorful to slice, fun to eat
Census finding: more but smaller households
Desserts with no sugar can taste just as sweet
Forging new leadership, Teamsters still dogged by corruption charges
When the Barrymores reigned on stage -- and off: a historical fantasy; Ned and Jack
Congress v. court: deciding who rules on hot social issues
Setting a summery table with pottery, fresh flowers
Nancy Moore Thurmond: separating private life and 'public duty'
The freshness of vegetables captured in cold soups
Islanders' Stanley Cup secret? They play better hockey
Social security: growing number of elderly draw funds from drying well
New mortgages put interest risk on borrower
US tries to punish Vietnam by paring UN assistance
Bed and Breakfast; CALIFORNIA-STYLE
Trend of the economy
Fresh, sweet strawberries: a first taste of summer
Spain confirms rightist complicity in bank siege
Ulster's workers for peace
The joy of summer fruits for a simple, elegant dessert
Alliances are difficult
Digging in
Front-wheel drive; Detroit gets the jump on Japan
Penalty for Unser gives Indy 500 win to Andretti
New US aid-Caribbean plan would find room for economic solutions
How the individual investor, who's on the rise again, can hope to cope
Bolivian colonel seizes town

UN office seeks $98 million for Afghan refugees
Hong Kong braces for new wave of boat people
Mitterrand signals 'new deal', but tries to reassure the right
How Radio Moscow 'saved' a frontier Canada station
Oil-rich Gulf states seek unity, security
Crisis in Lebanon gives boost to Begin popularity
21,325 dollars and 2,600 hours -- were they worth it?
Passengers help disarm Turkish hijackers
Seafood recipes from festivals, fairs and fishermen
Dominion over disability
For almost a century, Kokoschka advanced his art
Let's not be lemmings
Black male, late 20s, is victim No. 28 in Atlanta
Bureaucrats step aside to let China's scientists run their academy
Hidden in the heart of London: Churchill's secret war rooms
The many masks of modern art
Rising tensions in N. Ireland spur the search for solutions