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Monitor Archive for May 22, 1981

Japanese defense chief hints he might resign
Rescuing our jobless generation
Rescuing our jobless generation
Burns: no colorless technician
A hand for Habib
Mountain peaks above the mists

Motoring in America
How Saab took off from making planes to race-worthy autos; Saab, the Innovator, by Mark Chatterton. North Pomfret, Vt.: David & Charles Inc. $9.95.;...
Social security donkeys
Symbols of determination
'Charlie's Song' sings the praises of Ireland's election-bound premier
New eruption in El Salvador
Strong new argument advanced for standard nuclear plant design
Mountain peaked above the mists
A play that tries to be a movie, and pulls lots of stage tricks to do so
Expert describes steps to curb gypsy moth worms

US business warned against new investments in S. Africa
US eyes a space base next
Senate gives final OK to austerity budget
Meeting the big down payment: a small-steps way to home owning

Saudi oil chief says OPEC might freeze price till '83
Reagan eyes proposals for guest workers
NBC chief talks about network TV's future -- and his own
Poles go to the 'polls' -- and the issue is freedom
Indy 500 fans say they don't need to ask 'why?'
Friedman on the Fed: too little control over too much money
The day the House turned history's corner
Evenhanded success in the Middle East
Taiwan, rebuffed on W. European trade, still knocks
A whole new ball game?
British battle 'space invaders'
California -- naturally -- showing way in deregulation
US search team finds no US POWs in Laos
It's spring when the first radish succumbs with a crispy crunch
Sapling in a Boston alley

Drawing lesson

GM rolls out its J-car to meet the Japanese competition
New rioting breaks out as 3rd IRA prisoner dies
US jump in arms outlays: What will it do to the economy?
NBC chief talks about network TV's future -- and his own
The Garden Party
Vacationing Americans rediscover the automobile
Soviet alarms about Poland begin to focus on Communist Party itself
Mineral wealth will help US Indians overcome cuts in aid

Hussein says yes to a Moscow RSVP
France plunges into socialist era

Phalangists tell why they fight Syrians in beleagured Beirut
US Army publicists ride to defense of controversial M1 battle tank

Reagan-Schmidt talks tiptoe around tensions
Don't open the door to US bribers
Keeping the heat in -- but not moisture