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Monitor Archive for May 18, 1981

Tradition reigns for summer brides
That first-quarter 'pickup' in output: the period was really almost flat
Japan-US 'alliance' costs Suzuki an aide -- and he could be next to go
N.Y. air terminal cleared again after terror bombing
Keeping it simple
Drought and other setbacks a special area for investors
Schools promote career education for grade-schoolers
Bottle-feeding, good or bad? UN agency takes critical vote
Designers use color, luster, looser shapes
Polish production outlook: still on downhill course
Black and white: bold contrast, drama, sophistication
Schmidt speaks softly, carries a big stick
Parents pool their teaching skills in educational co-ops for children
Tips for warm weather business dressing
Public outcry: 'Don't touch our social security'; But without change, system will go broke, so hunt is on for alternatives
Japanese, Polish unionists plan exchange programs
Moving power from Washington to city hall; Reagan goal will require 'leap of faith'
Kindred spirits
Blacks attending college up nearly 100% in decade
Up, up with cooperation
When Uncle Sam cuts a city's allowance
As American as a chocolate chip cookie
Turkish officials find few answers to explain Ali Agca's motives
China says 150 Viets killed in border clash
Reagan policy test: protecting US from oil import cutoff
Britain's left pressures Thatcher to alter Ulster strategy
Two serious subjects dramatized: mixed results
Agca in Rome: too many pieces for open-and-shut case
How to reduce the price of electricity
A look at summer '81 actionwear

Taiwan zooming into electric car production
At Notre Dame, Reagan invokes Gipp, pet themes
'Hear no evil'
Lena Horne -- one-woman extravaganza!
Tropical prints arrive in 'native dressing'
British pleased with US media reports on Ulster
The electric Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater and its many moods
Soviets see gains, risks in Lebanon crisis
Botha visit seen as upturn in US-South Africa ties
How much are you worth?
As the Wind Blows
Western US rail shipments fire up coal expectations for 1981
Study says US may need new tack for 'grim' cities
Celtics' winning ways perk up beleaguered Boston
Improvement essential for the SAT and the GRE
Habib races against time to head off new Mideast war
Indonesian TV washes those ads right out of its air
What Reagan really wants to do
Get out of the Pacific Ocean and back into school!
'80 Miami riot: slow fuse, but --
Atlantic City may deal union out
Getting away with it?
Public outcry: 'Don't touch our social security'; Republicans say plan's unveiling was PR 'disaster,' but 'it had to be done'