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Monitor Archive for May 13, 1981

The keepers of the trust
Zimbabwe whites measure tenure in years -- not days
Australian films ride high on new wave of success
Erosion has some Great Lakes residents on the run
Pullback in Peking
Arms bill backed in House mostly in Reagan mold
Cosmic radio sources and illusions of superluminal speed
California target: economic illiteracy
Some makers of RVs designed for economy
Employment and the constancy of good
US envoy referees the peace
Avoid annuity for income
The fame is official for the John Wooden of small-college basketball
Recreation vehicles take on low profile, gas thrift
US farm belt bulges with record wheat crop despite drought
Ixtoc spill did little damage
The rainbow horse
Half past blue
Beyond France's economic jitters --'plus ca change'
Second IRA prisoner dies in Ulster fast
Mutual fund share protection
New panel seeks to mesh US business, government in effort to spur exports
NATO affirms 3% rise in outlays
Court can't take Sadat libel case
New York fashions industry reaches out to the world
Marilyn Waring: advocate of women's solidarity on a global level
US blocks private shipment of wheat to Vietnam
Japanese Self-Defense Force trapped in 'legal ambushes'
Consumer product panel gets a Senate reprieve
John Mills's life in the theater; Up in the Clouds, Gentlemen Please, by John Mills. New Haven and New York: Ticknor and Fields. $14.95.
Gorky -- crucial artist of America's postwar era
Adequacy of SIPC
A British evacuee's sensitive memoir; Thanks to Hitler, a 7-year-old discovers America; America, Lost and Found, by Anthony Bailey. New York: Random...
Reagan concern with US issues nags Canada
Militarizing the Middle East
Costa Rica cuts ties with Cuba
Hard assets vs. paper
It was Bobby Riggs again in a man-vs.-woman match
Why not vote on Sunday
A paean to the odyssey of the mighty MG; The Complete MG Guide -- Model by Model: 2d Edition, by John Christy and Karl Ludvigsen. Blue Ridge Summit,...
Lady Astor: two more biographies; Nancy Astor: A Lady Unashamed, by John Grigg. Boston: Little, Brown & Co. $15; Nancy Astor, by Anthony Masters, Ne...
Foreign labor in the Gulf: the new culture shock
Revise the CPI
Fascists with a Spanish connection resurface in Lisbon
US coastal buildup makes hurricane evacuation harder
US copter shot down by Salvadoran rebels
Britain asks EC to help with $1 billion Ulster aid
Lebanon is unwilling pawn on Israel-Syrian chessboard
Long-term bonds may be useful investment for specific goals
Reagan's plan to keep older workers on the job
Fun and learning with a computer; Turtle Geometry: The Computer as a Medium for Exploring Mathematics, by Harold Abelson and Andrea diSessa. Cambrid...
Investigators in Atlanta murders checking theory of a sexual lure
Rajiv Gandhi: India's new heir apparent likely shoo-in for election
Libel award for Burnett cut by California judge