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Monitor Archive for May 11, 1981

Slow seed delivery jeopardizes Cambodian recovery
Pick of the paperbacks; China Men, by Maxine Hong Kingston. New York: Ballantine Books. $3.50
Tales of the kids' lib detectives; The Case of the Crooked Kids and The Case of the Blackmail Boys, by Terrance Dicks. New York: Elsevier/Nelson Boo...
Story Books, with pictures, or picture books with stories?; Cooper: The McNally's Big Black Dog, by Nancy Winslow Parker. New York: Dodd, Mead & Com...
Sendak's magical, musical illustrations
Wit and some wisdom from the automated age
Soviet pilot lured by CIA, a Japanese agency says
Brezhnev lets his deputies rattle sabers while he promotes peace
Story books with pictures, or picture books with stories?; The Stories Julian Tells, Ann Cameron. New York: Pantheon. $7.95. (Ages 4-8.)
Where social security change is heading
Should TV networks be gagged on vote projections?
GOP economists raise caution flags on tax cut
A compelling Australian fantasy; Darkness Under the Hills, by Bill Scott. New York: Oxford University Press. $9 .95.(Ages 12 --.)
Israel's wrangling leaders close ranks over missiles
A Feverish but lively history of the great comet; The Comet is Coming! The Feverish Legacy of Mr. Halley, by Nigel Calder. New York: The Viking Pres...
Watt land plans worry GOP Westerners
Israeli, Syrian forces girding
Reagan and Suzuki: bolstering the vital US-Japanese link
Surviving WWII in a Russian Jewish ghetto; Heavy Sand, by Anatoli Rybakov. Translated by Harold Shukman. New York: The Viking Press. $13.95.
Hemingway places enliven his novels
Weinberger to ask Europe for more help on the Gulf
Story books with pictures, or picture books with stories?; McGoogan Moves the Mighty Rock, by Dick Gackenbach. New York: Harper & Row. $8 .95.
Local British elections sharpen outlines of two Englands
Consumers warily favor US economic policies
Timberman sees land of Dixie as future 'wood basket' of the world
Karen Silkwood: Was it murder?; The Killing of Karen Silkwood: The Story Behind the Kerr-McGee Plutonium Case, by Richard Rashke. Boston: Houghton M...
And now -- social security
Reagan stalls rich-poor talks on trade, aid, resources, fuel
Wit and magic in a mythical world; The Chronicles of Pantouflia, by Andrew Lang. Illustrations by Jeanne Titherington. Boston: David Godine $10.95.
Pick of the paperbacks; Literary Landscapes of the British Isles: A Narrative Atlas, by David Daiches and John Flower. New York: Penguin Books. $7.9...
Socialist the winner in France
Reward for Atlanta Killers surges to half a million
A reading list for teachers too
Story books with pictures, or picture books with stories?; There's A Crocodile Under My Bed!, by Ingrid and Dieter Schubert. New York: McGraw-Hill....
Gulf peace mission draws positive note from Tehran
Europe worries Japanese cars now may flood its auto market
The butler didn't. . .; The Mystery of Edwin Drood, by Charles Dickens. Concluded by Leon Garfield. New York: Pantheon. $10.95.; Early Autumn, by Ro...
'Obedient' Haig back in White House favor
Oil exploration becomes booming business in Asia
Life as 'Annie' -- chatting with an 11-year-old trouper
Washington sends out mixed signals on Latin American policy
Pick of the paperbacks; James Herriot's Yorkshire, by James Herriot, photographs by Derry Brabbs. New York: St. Martin's Press. $9.95.
Pick of the paperbacks; A Bevy of Beasts, by Gerald Durrell. Illustrated by Edward Mortlemans. New York: A Touchstone Book/Simon & Schuster. $4.95.
Rare Bird makes the difference for sizzling Celtics
Recognizing and nurturing our young heroes
China clamps down on visits with foreigners
Can House budget coalition give Reagan his tax cut too?
Trudeau isn't taking no for an answer -- but he should
Whatever happened to John Anderson?
Introduction to economic theory leans to the left; Five Economic Challenges, by Robert L. Heilbroner and Lester C. Thurow. Englewood Cliffs, N.J.: P...
The armadillo as celebrity
Story books with pictures, or picture books with stories?; How the Wind blows, by Kathrine D. Marko. Nashville: Abingdon. $5.95 (6-9 years).
Haig's new look at the Russian bear
How Myron gets a new bicycle and learns to cope with adults; The Great Burgerland Disaster, by Betty K. Levine. New York: Atheneum $8.95.
Grass novel probes the role of the post-war artist; The Meeting at Telgte, by Gunter Grass. Translated by Ralph Manheim. Afterword by leonard Forste...
Lilac Sunday
How high schoolers learn about the small claims court
Fraud costs US millions, reports GAO
Russian art at its best; The Tretyakov Gallery -- Moscow: The Russian Painting, introduction by Vsevolod Volodarsky, translated from the Russian by...
Carter gets Truman award for his role with hostages
Why wouldn't this student-teacher exchange work?
Pick of the paperbacks; Charmed Lives, by Michael Korda. New York: Avon Books. $3.50
Celebration and satire -- at length; Darconville's Cat, by Alexander Theroux. New York: Doubleday. $15.95.
First-rate 'Hedda Gabler,' with Susannah York in title role
D-day night: an eyewitness account; My Longest Night, by Genevieve Duboscq. Translated by Richard S. Woodward. New York: Seaver Books $13.95.
Mark Azbel: escape of a Soviet Jew; Refusenik: Trapped in the Soviet Union, by Mark Ya. Azbel. Foreword by Freeman Dyson. Boston: Houghton Mifflin C...
God's ever-present love
Story books with pictures, or picture books with stories?; The Voyage of the Jolly Boat, written and illustrated by Margret Rettich. English version...
Market yawns at budget cut -- tax cuts pose a threat
Galbraith: Four lives and still counting; A Life in Our Times, by John Kenneth Galbraith. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company. $16.95.
US nuclear arms urged in Gulf area
Filling space and inviting us in
Koestler's monument to himself; Bricks to Babel, by Arthur Koestler. New York: Random House. $20.
'There is no poverty . . . only ignorance'
Creative kits for kids; Kits for Kids, by Nancy Towner Butterworth and Laura Peabody Broad. New York: St. Martin's Press $7.95.
The father of the atom bomb; J. Robert Oppenheimer: Shatterer of Worlds, by Peter Goodchild. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company. $15.
A horse tale with a different twist; One Horse/One Hundred Miles/One Day, by Sam Savitt. New York: Dodd, Mead, & Co.
New Director announced
Marian Edelman: defending the rights of children
Wit and wisdom from the automated age