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Monitor Archive for May 1, 1981

Reagan administration's four major iniatives in foreign affairs;
Canada finds US system a stumbling block on treaties
Dropping out for pros questioned
Tension smolders between Jews and Arabs in West Bank's Hebron
Arms and taxes
US, Japan still strive for auto-export accord
Chrysler and Mitsubishi plan joint US operations
Japan's slumping economy is taking a toll on workers
'Reagan revolution' needs Democrats now, voters in '82'
Mike Wallace's new 'Profiles' series
'Good neighbor' garden plants help keep those insect pests away
MIT students boning up on Japan for a stint at the likes of Hitachi
Salvadoran troops fire into press party; 1 killed
Soviet missiles in Lebanon?
FOOTBALL; Villanova terminates program
Pension Funds -- A gold mine of untapped capital?
Thwarted mercenary missions may have been linked
Addie Lang's lesson in appropriate gestures
Correcting the cause of paint blisters
A pair of yellow slippers
Administration staffing pace: a slow walk
Day Care: A Global Perspective
Beat the high cost of goobers by growing 'em yourself
Reagan's stumbling priorities: right after all
US hails 'new era' in ties to Seoul with arms sales
Defence: Reagan plans largest U.S. military buildup since Vietnam in an effort to replace America's armored paunch with more punch
US plans to put squeeze on UN to curb its budget
Writers, some producers agree to settle strike
Meese: Reagan sets new tone for governing country

Politics: Reagan earns high marks for early efforts
God's allness heals malignancy
Word from US gas fields -- ample supplies seem here to stay
Cutting down night noise from outdoors
100 days tradition -- Napoleon, FDR, and now Reagan

Soviets give two cheers for Libya;

Calendulas lend border beauty
Belfast: not a nice place to visit, even worse to live in
Latex over oil primer OK for exteriors

Keys to finishing sun-beaten doors
The press hasn't been handled with such finesse since Kennedy
Neo-Gaullists on fence, lifting Socialist's chances
France's Jewish bloc vote may block Giscard's reelection
Reagan's first 100 days: helm hard to right
Foreign policy: trying to keep talk in line with action
Prime rate prevails at 18% as top 2 banks join trend

Reaganomics sold, but not yet through check-out
The Barbara, Bill, and Tom Show
Those incredible Rockets
Poland sets out on unprecedented democratic course
Ruling party wins in S. Africa but many whites bolt ranks
Folklore for sale -- cheap
Bargain dishes at $12,000 apiece?