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Monitor Archive for April 9, 1981

A happy game and a labor of love
Whence great things
S. Africa's white rightists challenge ruling party at polls
A wee deek on Boont harpin'
Israeli opposition wins big in trade-union voting
North's water picture: more rain, but not enough
Forest product investment analysts air selective, cautious optimism
Artist Athena Tacha; When you step into these works, the artist takes over
Lebanese fighting underlines Mideast power struggle
Silver-Haired Legislatures work for issues of the elderly
'Oblomov' -- Russia's story of a fabolous idler
S. Africa's 'information scandal' resurfaces
US plans to buy cobalt for strategic reserves
An A-bomb inventor who campaigns for arm control
Weaver looks to Orioles to pick up the pace they had for most of 1980
Laffer: the man behind the curve
Quilts; biographies written stitch by stitch
Reagan foreign aid plan under the microscope: enough food aid in it?
Staking claim to the ocean's bed
Pennant picks
Finding a place to dance if you can't afford the Met
Still a chance in Poland
Getting back to work
Diary of a dairy farm
New fast greens poised to nip at Masters players
US forms return-the-power panel
Arab oil nations weigh special tie with Europe
US, Canada railways join for New York-Toronto link

Saga of the deer that almost weren't
Proposition 2 1/2: making its mark on Massachusetts
The thing not looked for
US drug agents want paraquat used to kill Colombian marijuana crops
Municipal bond market resists Massachusetts downgrading
Handgun lessons from overseas
Salvadoran church official says foes seek 'dialogue'
Poland takes a spring break from crisis
French Breakfast Puffs for Easter morning
Nadia's coach vaults to US
Eggs baked in ramekins with cream
Reaching out to Africa's homeless millions
Business outspent labor for congressional races
Budget bash has the verve of basketball
Women's place in the professional kitchen
GM cars to 'average' $10,200; far cry from '46 Chevy's $1,076
Kremlin skirts issue of Lebanese fighting
Night train to Datong
NATO planners eager to know: Will US base MX on land or at sea?
Repairing San Francisco's old cable cars
Columbia's goal: 'up, down in good shape'
Iranian moderates, mullahs clash over Bazargan's paper
Subduing crime
Can a great civilization rise again after decades of false starts?
20,000 more Soviet troops reported in Afghanistan
Bell reaffirms support for tuition tax credits for private schools
Chicago to shine up its north Loop