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Monitor Archive for April 8, 1981

US cars: are higher prices the answer?

Kyprianou: West could help Cyprus win unified 'nonalignment' goal
Can a dot in the Mediterranean compete in trade with Europe's giants?
Can the Soviets afford not to invade Poland?
Farm comeback strong since '74 loss of land, but struggle goes on
Having one's hands full
New centrist offer Cyprus hope of resolving tensions
Harnessing energy from the sea

Mining Ocean minerals: Who pays, who profits?
Baseball superstars: 'Who's on first?'
Financial adviser may trim costs
How individual initiative solves world problems;%Helping Ourselves: Local Solutions to Global Problems, by Bruce Stokes. New York: W. W. Norton. $12...
Homemakers: protected and punished by the law
Yugoslav leaders try to find who's behind Kosovo riots
Late Love
Reagan farm bill: stormy weather ahead
Concern rises that budget cuts will burden older Americans
Where visitors may trace history from the Stone Age to the present

Mosaic of cultures leaves rich imprint on -- and under -- the landscape
And now for an encore -- 1981 major-league baseball predictions
Bird-Singing Stream
Balm on the Greek-Turkish issue
Signs of a good driving school -- good cars, good texts
Uncertainty with precision
Courage in America
Merce Cunningham troupe: You can almost hear a metronome
US bankers cheated Iran, Central Bank official says
Arabs toughen stance as Haig conveys US aims
Safe deposit box searches
Reminders of a hard past persist, but hope is in a better tomorrow
Reagan, still progressing, plans policy talk April 15

California's low-profile pistachios take on Iran

Reaching out to touch someone to cost more
Reagan steers cautiously down US auto industry's rocky road
Roman conference center long in disuse, but 'conferencing' goes on
Brezhnev turns from Poland to arms talks; Moscow woos West Europe
New coal talks at end of tunnel?
From Neil Simon, a fairy-tale farce?
Cyprus, a bridge between the Mideast and Europe; Empires gone, Cyprus charts its own economic course

Regional banks find foreigners are grabbing their business
In defense of Al Haig
Prospects bleak for Ciskei blacks after 'independence'
Installment sale taxes
Native American art; Song from the Earth: American Indian Painting, by Jamake Highwater. Boston: New York Graphic Society. $22.50 in hard cover, $12...
Early Philippines returns back more Marcos power
The Rose-Cutting
Brezhnev turns from Poland to arms talks; Delicate Polish decision postponed
Mayor Byrne's move to tenement: it's helping
Chromium, bauxite, manganese -- the next big crunch
Space shuttle allows NASA to tap new breed of astronaut-specialist
Why Soviet dissidents won't kindle a revolution; Russia's Failed Revolutions: From the Decembrists to the Dissidents, by Adam B. Ulam. New York: Bas...
Brezhnev prompts relief in Warsaw, lingering concern in Prague
For first time in US, casinos join effort to help compulsive gamblers
And now the banks: Japanese make US inroads
One in every two refugees is African
Lebanon's plight
Guns for China
Minor aspects
The dramatic search for mankind's roots: two books; Lucy: The Beginnings of Humankind, by Donald C. Johanson and Maitland A. Edey. New York: Simon &...

Small, yes, but it's becoming the Middle East's listening post
Senator Williams: happier than 'kid with lollipop' after meeting 'sheikh'
Strategic gateway to Mideast pushes improvements at bustling ports
Honda caps innovative Civic with a new 4-door model for US market
An Irish 'truth squad' in US
Building boom transforms skylines of the island's four main cities