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Monitor Archive for April 7, 1981

Refreshing change at the Met: two bright but starless operas
Leaky valve slows timing, but Columbia date still on
Revamping a wardrobe for the professional look; Young men: from jeans to gray flannels
Deciding against "burnout"
Rail unions try to derail federal cuts
Revamping a wardrobe for the professional look; Working women: from casual clothes to suits
Top Danish designer: an 'escape' to beauty
Students, drugs: for many it's no longer 'thing to do'
Obote foes sabotage Uganda's most valuable cash crop -- coffee
Poland: Has Soviet decision been made?
Unspectacular hockey whiz
What inflation fighters overlook
IADB takes a growing role in Latin America development
Soviet move on Poland could aid Reagan image
In Houston, you don't need to set foot outside the Loop
China's land reclamation scheme backfires into environmental disaster
The many masks of modern art
75% of jobless would take menial jobs, a poll finds
French-based relief groups call for more aid to Afghan refugees
'Farming the wind' in the California hills
Iran, Iraq exploring prospect of peace
Tough talk: East bloc warns Poland and West
'Peace academy': an antidote to US violence?
Conscience upheld in jobless aid
Taking the monster out of 'King Kong'
MASADA at sunrise
Soviets trying to improve tattered Mideast image
Andrew Young running for mayor in Atlanta
Scandinavian design: marriage and economics wed
The analects of Alexander Haig
US seeks letup to aid Detroit
'The Quiet Man' -- Bush wins kudos as Reagan stand-in
Reagan budget aims to deflate unemployment cushion
Leftist leader forecasts Lebanese conflagration
Reflections: sic transit
Democratic budget: 'yes' to lower spending, 'no' to tax cut for the rich
Qantas flies, but Australian airline-union dispute lingers
Jaycees members to form a group including women
April's Veteran
Soviets in Kabul send Afghan Army into countryside
A Mexican-American to the fore in San Antonio
Too much invasion talk
Mideast unrest tests US policy