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Monitor Archive for April 29, 1981

Qaddafi in Moscow: the Kremlin soothes an unpredictable ally
Airline's workers reach for controls
Poles setting date for reform talk
Clinker of woes besets a once and future king
13 tempestuous years as dean of Yale Drama School; Making Scenes: A Personal History of the Turbulent Years at Yale 1966-1979, by Robert Brustein. N...
Waldheim calling on superpowers
Murphy has an advantage in basketball -- he's short
Three years of Marxism haven't stopped Afghan rebels
Amend Northern Ireland's emergency laws
11 stalled choices cleared for State Department jobs
New evidence, an old question: How ancient are America's Indians?
Sadat comment on joining NATO raises critics' hackles
US rails: what destination?
America's fragile coastal islands; The Island, by Bill Thomas. New York: W. W. Norton & Co. $29.95.
After 12 years, a Woody Allen comedy on Broadway
Israeli planes in Lebanon side directly with Falange
A borderline case: new growth
Friendship firmly planted
A different ball game confronts retired people with life insurance
Volunteering for the 'third sector'
Arms control: what can be done before Salt 11?; Another Vladivostok
Reagan, back in executive saddle, applies spurs to Congress
US catching up in longwall, the up-to-date way to claw seams by the ton
Will the Moscow-Bonn connection help Poland -- and erode NATO?
Volunteers: third sector of the US economy
Needy may outbargain US on rents, study says
Car-rental companies drive to raise market share with mileage breaks
Arms control: what can be done before Salt II? Conservatives' opportunity
Storing up precious seeds
Cowpunching: it's still a tough, dusty, bruising craft; Panhandle Cowboy, by John R. Erickson. Lincoln, Neb.: University of Nebraska Press. $12.50.
Economic realities lurk beyond Pakistan's upswing
IRA capitalizes on hunger strike to gain worldwide media attention
Big Soviet wheat sales in the offing for Canada
Huge, photographically exact paintings of faces that signify what?
Williams trial comes down to videotape snippet
Synfuel buildup in mountain states faces a common shortage -- water
High-price oil brings coal and EPA together
Pollution action exceeding US legislation ruled out
Day Care; For Love and or Money; Family day care offers children a home away from home after school
Japan distressed US lifts embargo
The export front: US harbors push expansion
Space shuttle tiles: his fibers made them possible
No arms sales for now, Schmidt tells Saudis
Summer accessories can update a wardrobe
Jeanne-Marc: West Coast designers with a neon palette
Not Whistled For
Listening to God
How to pick the best child-care arrangements for your child
Diamonds: absorbing tale of intrigue, romance; The World of Diamonds, by Timothy Green. New York: William Morrow. $12.95.
Conserve stepped-up value
The personal computer: hints for the would-be buyer
Now the interest turns back to keeping a lid on sooty coal fires