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Monitor Archive for April 23, 1981

BASKETBALL; Colleges adjust rules
Mideast nations keep wary eye on each other about US facilities
Two girls
IRA 'lifer' ordered freed from an Ulster prison
Short takes
Toni Morrison; writing from the inside out
'Physty' the whale feels better, but not feisty
There's help for impulse buyers: call on 'Big Spenders Anonymous'
Advice from Aga Khan; A new start for the third world's press
Fresh petits pois a springtime vegetable
Q&A: Why the fuss over AWACS?
Most large corporations now non-US
British banks held up by 24-hour union strike
Spain steps up antiterror fight
Second thoughts on Boston Marathon
No more naps and feet on the desk when TV looks on state legislatures
Saying the right thing
Australian fears of 'yellow peril' melting in glow of new Asian immigrants' contributions
King Arthur's court -- with 'Star Wars' effects
Tapping the maple trees: sugarin' off in New England
The Human Life Statute
GOLF; Translating tour jargon
The AWACS affair
Of potholes, potbellies, and pollution
Fellowships for cooks
Sub crash, waste leak shake Japan's trust in A-power
25% of TV homes have cable ties
FOOTBALL; Bengals add some stripes
Special housing for single-parent families takes hold in London
Keeping records: don't throw out those warranties, canceled checks
NCPAC targets four top Democrats for defeat in '82
Sunbelt tells frostbelt: 'We need aid more than you'
Reagan's political skills winning ground for his economic package
Spyman Sporkin
Paul Taylor's dancing flow's 'straight to the audience's muscles'
What the circus is really about: child's look of wonder
BASEBALL; Pawtucket's 32-inning game
Marshall Islanders sue US over atomic testing
Liv Ullmann
Hungarian cooking at its best
When a nation needs help with a constitution
Tight rationing announced in Poland; union approves
'79 property taxes: down -- 'n up
New 'bipartisan' US budget plan
Champion Joe Louis wore greatness without frills
Rights group says it has 'link' to solve Atlanta case
Pictures that tell, then question
Shedding its economic coccoon, Burma making steady strides
Latest coal strike violence: it could bring new US law
Kremlin aim: talk peace despite US-USSR 'mudslinging'
'Double-O' comments raise hackles in peaceful Kenya
Blue is the colour of the way she walks (for Jill)
Cease-fire in strife-town Lebanon
Chinese are told to shun contact with foreigners
Trying to keep your eye on the ball
Reagan says he's fine, sees no security shifts
United Emirates to buy British trainer planes
Man facing opposition is named for Latin post
A boycott on Namibia at UN
More eating out in the offing
Splendid black version of O'Neill drama
Arabs watching US on Saudi AWACS deal
Golf clubs and mining shares: Williams' Abscam trial focus
Radar plane sale to Saudis could be first Reagan misstep with Congress