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Monitor Archive for April 1, 1981

Accord in Poland brings scowls to the Kremlin
Hunting for oil in Chinese waters
Watching history unfold amid rain, chaos, TV lights
Coal miners cast ballots on contract ratification
A land of 60 million handguns
Doctors optimistic on Brady's outlook
Chinese to compensate for cancelling contracts
Congress keeps budget on track
Public opinion favors stricter handgun laws
Lawyers and computers: research that once took hours takes minutes
Unification Church loses suit against British paper
Bankers from West meet Poles on refinancing
Iraq gets arms for Iran war -- from Sadat, with love
Good old-fashioned wood heat is now a fuel with a future
Food for Poland: a US opportunity
State legislatures weigh handgun bans; opposition remains strong
Israeli coalition, improving in polls, slashes sales tax
Presidential succession is clear
Political effect: a likely plus
Egypt's workers still await benefits of peace with Israel
Violent crime: new vigor in the search for solutions
Argentine leader says he seeks to revive politics
Indiana's basketball crown the fruitage of gradual effort
Reading Voyager I's message from Saturn
IMF primes Jamaica's clogged economic pump
Reagan, White House rebound from first presidential crisis
Israeli commandos kill 8 in southern Lebanon raid
Growing in the Rain
Please, not another Monroe Doctrine
Gun-law backers see new impetus as result of attack on President
$65 million for Zimbabwe from world aid groups
Points to check out when buying new siding for your house
A Down East sun-heated home built on a shoestring
Middle East: Will US delay moves?
Saudis find they can't ignore troubles in Yemeni republics next door
Mending America
Slimming separates for larger figures
Poland: let Papa Bear pay
Back to barbers: more men opt for shorter, basic cuts
International reaction to Reagan: prayers, admiration -- and relief
Warsaw Pact exercises: Are they on or off?
Praying with Atlanta
Cooperation, tough anti-terrorist stand foil hijackers in Bangkok
Former revolutionary leaders caught up in Iranian 'spy' trial
Central America priests turn 'radical'
Oman helping Egypt to regain standing with moderate Arabs
Belgian government at the brink
Suspect in assassination attempt: gun-toting 'loner'
Ex-CIA man claims papers on Salvador arms forged
US willingness to renew arms talks cheers Europeans
Secret Service evaluation of Monday role under way
The risks of putting US troops in Sinai