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Monitor Archive for March 4, 1981

Congresses of workers: a way to avert Polish strife?
There's more than one way to fix a leaky faucet
Financing early retirement involves a search for good advice; Gifts reduce taxes
Haig urges House panel to back El Salvador aid
'Foreign ministers' hired
Thatcher amplifies on Gulf force
Prime lending rate cut by Citibank to 18 1/2%
The larger in the small
New policies for farming reap 3 years of good grain
Trash-barrel 'furnace' saves on heating bill
Bolivia's military government tries to polish its international image
Kennedy in '84? He already seems to be running
America's home-grown peril
New allegations against rightists in El Salvador
Financing early retirement involves a search for good advice; Income to retire early
An earthquake warning has been discounted: now Peru can relax
El Salvador: learning from history
Soviet Union's forces tighten grip on Wakhan corridor in Afghanistan
Weinberger to detail defense fund request
Writers talk about writing and other writers; Writers at Work: The Paris Review Interviews, Fifth Series, edited by George Plimpton and introduced b...
Translation services closing the language gap as trade grows livelier
S. Korean inauguration may signal end to nation's 'winter of discontent'
Two-year strategy; S. Africa's 'secret' Namibia plan
Steaming ahead as a maritime power
Cross-country skiing tip: glide, don't walk
VA cutback plan draws fire from both sides
To be frank
Reagan economic plan faces possible credibility gap
Soviet party congress ends with status quo holding firm
London keys up for royal vows
Chongqing clock company sets pace in a profits plan
Keeping up with electric vehicles
Poles fill the suggestion box with ideas for party reform
Lehman urges scrapping of SALT 1 agreement
Oil, wine, and neighbors
South Africa blasted at United Nations for policy on Namibia
A Westerner's perceptive look at China's people; The Chinese: Portrait of a People, by John Fraser. New York: Summit Books. $14 .95.
New York City interest in water wells bubbles up
Financing early retirement involves a search for good advice; No-risk investment for income
CHINA; Entering a new economic era
A new traffic control system for the world's busiest port
New York's 'kiddie' bank robber no novelty -- part of national problem
UN: a wrong vote on South Africa
Freedom out of discipline
New center party throws left-leaning British Labour Party off balance
Arms for El Salvador
US export bank: vital trade tool or costly albatross?
Venting may not be necessary
Commune rooted in agriculture sows welcome export venture
Moses Malone, baron of the boards
Computer lawsuits grow
Muddy work at oil well
Composer Philip Glass: hard work and no compromises
Coast to coast, there's a new campaign against the drunken driver
Stealing the scene in a joyful way
More than one skyjacker suspected in seizure
State lawmakers hit the brakes on 55 m.p.h. limit
US school trains other nations in solar energy
Talks -- not arms -- to stop the Saharan war
Shelling reprisals rock Israel-Lebanon border
How one state unties regulatory knots for business