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Monitor Archive for March 30, 1981

Antinuclear protesters mark Pennsylvania mishap
US inner-city schools could (should) be best in nation
The myth of the Japanese monolith
Collapse of Florida condo points to need for stricter building codes, closer safety checks
Getting in touch with spring
Economists condemn British money policy
Reagan's peaceful counterrevolution
Capital punishment: the view from death row; Slow Coming Dark, By Doug Magee. New York: The Pilgrim Press. $10.95.
Washington, D.C., seeks national political identity
Busing by choice -- out of Boston into the suburbs
Milwaukee is making good schools a reality
Artist designs sturdy 'sculpture' playhouses for children
Putting 'creation' in the curriculum: Tampa agrees to do it -- but how?
A Latin lesson for interested Monitor scholars
Interested in the publishing world? Summer program lets you jump in
Teachers, computers, prejudice, and Lesley College
US baby-boom fallout described
Japanese carmaker rolls up sleeves to crack US market
Reagan keeps hands off -- coal miners get 3-year, 36 percent raise
The word is out -- girls need to learn more math
A practical answer to depression
Building broader appeal is key to success for today's black colleges
The president's commission spoke, Connecticut listened
Newsroom searches in Idaho: free press case may lose its 'classic' luster on technical point
Despite flotillas of Toyotas, Datsuns, Hondas, Japan sees $12 billion payments deficit in '81
Spring, of a sort, in January
Back home in Indiana
Seattle meets its refugees -- bilingually
Other cultures to be confronted -- and understood
Low-cost housing: Reagan cuts spark debate over US aid
Through the looking glass with the Hmong of Laos
New US land rush stakes out parcels underground
Target the Fed, too
Sub-fired cruise missile hits land target in US test
Child 'abuse' and 'misuse'; Atlanta tragedy puts spotlight on national problem
Sticky situations: 'Never in the history of'
Calgary-Ottawa energy impasse: Talks ahead?
'Independent' Japan begins to build better ties with black Africa
Duvalier family feud could threaten Haiti presidency
America through the eyes of ordinary blacks; Drylongso, by John Langston Gwaltney. New York: Random House. $12.95.
Just how tough will Western Europe get if Soviets move into Poland?
Schmidt rallies Social Democrats on missiles in Europe
Oh those enrollment blues
'Fish and Ships' at London's National Gallery of Art
Burnett v. National Enquirer: latest in growing trend to sue press for libel
At IC you pick your tutor and hope that he picks you
Britain promises to give refugee aid to Pakistan
Poland's reformers may be running out of time
'Dart board' stock selection: research may tell after all
Asian skyjack tests regional unity
Turkish terrorism drops sharply under military rule
Teams, coaches, fans -- it's a Hoosier-Tar Heel classic
Soldier's Grove taps the sun; Solar energy: trimming fuel bills for families, towns
Reagan has no plans to lift grain embargo
Off to a new school in a new land -- at 11!
Since independence in Bahamas, education 'miracles'
Report from south Lebanon: Major Haddad and his men
Islamic mission to renew effort to end Gulf war
Mets not likely to be fielding a firmament, but it has its star
Oh, for the good of old days
Oates stories tread precariously close to melodrama; A Sentimental Education, by Joyce Carol oates. New York: E. P. Dutton. $11.95.
Desegregation the San Diego way -- no forced busing
From fun and games to moving statements
Problems shouldn't obscure strengths of city schools
Space shuttle launch: NASA puts all its 'eggs' in one test flight
Plan for farming earth's oceans; Seafarm, by Elisabeth Mann Borgese. New York: Harry N. Abrams Inc. $35.
Setting fair ground rules when college grads come home to live
Physics for all students and teachers -- not just for an elite few
Skipping Rope
Executives reject protectionism
The American genius of Aaron Copland
USSR: no more Polish concessions
What can happen when a community cares and cares
Wage strikes in Jamaica threaten sugar exports
UMW works to sell miners on new contract
4 skyjackers, ex-prisoners off to Cuba, Panama says