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Monitor Archive for March 3, 1981

Poland cracks down on No. 1 social ill -- alcoholism
Banning the 'terrible' white, black, green, and red
Large amnesty granted by Seoul government
Dubious US course in El Salvador
Eurocommunists no longer scare the Kremlin
Beyond the blue horizon, perhaps another Trader Vic's to tempt diners
Eleanor Norton reflects on equal-employment successes
Iran military chief favors cease-fire in Gulf war
Iran, Iraq move to conciliation -- but you'd never know from newscasts
Scholarly journal on women's studies is light on pictures, rich in scope
Energy-consuming states chafe at resource taxes
Hijacked Pakistan plane flown to Afghanistan
Namibia -- litmus test for US policies in Africa
US receives 'assurances' on Nicaragua arms
Strike by coal miners possible
Democrats try to find way back from political wilderness
Chad refugees wait for tide to turn before heading home
Egyptian defense chief killed in copter crash
Pakistan's Zia cracks down on martial-law opponents
Communism's alcohol problem
One more top pitcher and the Angels say they're in
Updating the Democrats
Soviet Navy a 'growing challenge' to West
Onto something
Protesters to picket 'Lolita'
Reagan seeks mayors' support in budget battle with Congress
The Homestead (1920)
Age-old cotton from Peru -- 'weevil-proof' and in colors
Ellington review: tuneful, but unfocused
Bush on what it's like to be Reagan's vice-president
Dropping prices bring smiles at supermarkets, take inflation bite from food budgets -- for now
France cooks up plan to grow its own fuel
Water projects under Reagan: down, then up
Rethinking the Clean Air Act: economic growth may take priority
Back from Iran with love
British Labour Party splits
The many masks of modern art
Mehdi Bazargan steps back into Iranian political arena

Summitry and linkages
Latin America cautions US not to go too far in El Salvador
Israeli warplanes hit Palestinian targets
Austrians to US: come over and enjoy skiing as it is supposed to be
Are religious services on public campuses unlawful?
Supply and demand
Poland turns to meat rationing
Business defends dealing with authoritarian rulers
Osborne play: timeless angst well portrayed