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Monitor Archive for March 27, 1981

Panel to cut waste, fraud is set up by President
3 A-plants, 8 coal plants OK'd by oil-pressed Japan
Boston case tests state power to set length of school year
Black public colleges face money bind, legal tests as they fight to keep their identities; Some colleges may merge with mostly-white schools
Easy walks in those glorious Alps
La Prensa: the feisty paper that stands up to Nicaragua's junta
Jury-picking in the '80s: fewer exemptions, shorter service the trend
Three minutes between trains? 'It will be tight but you will have time'
Thatcher tries to reassure Britain and allies over Soviet spy scandals
Slugfest at the Dow-Jones 1,000 -- does it signal bully times ahead?
World study sees output of oil rising for 30 years
Polish solution snagged over police brutality issue
When the call is 'Play ball,' some of those pitches aren't quite legal

Streamlined permits get more homes built
Alpine aerie SAAS-FEE
An American Jew in Paris
Delightful day trips from centrally placed Bern

Farmers, workers press demands in New Delhi
A thousand crumpets

The crisis game
American TV -- through a British critics eyes
Australia and its states head for a row on tax policy
'Go west' is still good advice -- if you're an engineer or a pipe fitter
Healing disease by destroying fear
Bureaucrats cringe at Reagan 'diet' plan
No Cinderellas at basketball's big NCAA bash
Art is where you find it, I guess
Finding ceiling tile that is fire rated
Nurturing and grooming trees and shrubs is a vital part of 'gardening'
Cement usually best for home tennis court
$1.6 million Burnett ruling against National enquirer
Black Africa asks that US keep its hands off Angola
Deer Population-control plan for California island stirs cries of 'inhumane'
63 regulations left over from Carter are waylaid
US Salvadoran embassy a target of guerillas

West Berlin police battle with squatter protesters
Eleven gawking and apprehensive climbers take on the Stralegghorn
Britain's Social Democratic Party is off and running

Methanol engines -- possible new entry in the high-mileage race
Time sharing: a new way to own a luxury condo
Reagan White House: emphasizing teamwork over turf
Hotel Untertor: charm for $15 a night
Zimbabwe reaps rich aid harvest
Black Caucus raps foreign policy
National Public Radio fights for life
Cover-story crime
Carter and America's new toy
US lays plans to improve airfield, port in Egypt
Military hardware is not enough
Switzerland cheaper thanks to strengthening of the dollar
S. Korea under Chun: democracy limited, but most people satisfied
Reagan economics: top Senate priority
Testing the Reagan tax cut
Did early TV projections hurt Carter?
Swedish riddle: how to lure civil servants back to industry
Cleaners remove paint from masonry
The return of 'The Paper Chase'
Lebanese worry as spurt of violence continues
Air fares topple as carriers scramble to fill seats
Traveling the boats, buses, trains, of Switzerland with 13-year-old Geoffrey
Is your cabbage patch saving you money? Try a tally

Inflationary Israel is doing just fine, thank you