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Monitor Archive for March 26, 1981

Finland finds an energy answer at its feet -- peat
Another Japanese firm shuns Chinese contract
Uganda opposition attacks offices of ruling party
'What does your husband do?' and other illegal interview questions
MISCELLANEOUS; What's in a number?
600-Year-Old Homes in a 200-year-old nation
Balancing the food budget with a changing lifestyle
Pork with currant glaze
The law, the outlaw, and the vigilante
Zimbabwe says pledges of aid hit $1.35 billion
Portugal hops on Europe's antinuclear bandwagon
Dick Cavett
The ultimate box camera
MISCELLANEOUS; For Sonic lovers only
Congress vs. the White House: a debate over 'phony' numbers
Hands off the money-market funds
Black leaders offer 'poor people's budget'
Garment 'sweatshops': illegally low wages, hazardous work conditions
S.E. Asian group rejects Soviet call for parley
Responding to Atlanta
Income taxes lead revenues
Maple syrup sweetens acorn squash dish
Canada potash pinch bad for foreign farmers

Reagan struggles to unify his team -- and the allies; Reagan: There's no power struggle
Work's sounds and silences
Congress may move to put more teeth in much-flouted immigration law
More peanuts for Pakistan?
Cities see a golden opportunity in revitalizing old dams
Spanish premier wins some Basque backing
Belgian bank raises rate to aid troubled economy
Ann Myers, a serious 'Superstar'; home-run swing for the Mets; BASEBALL; Kingman returns to Mets
Black private colleges face toughest test: fund raising
Supreme Court truck ruling seen as states' rights loss
Reagan struggles to unify his team -- and the allies; Bonn: worried pledge of allegiance
The smallest of the artichoke family
Boston Ballet: stumbling over a South African trip
Ann Meyers, a serious 'Superstar'; home-run swing for the Mets
Two young artists
An appealing introduction to the family of artichokes
Decontrol: Would it warm up future for natural gas?
UN envoy was in the dark on S. African, US says
To improve
Riches of the sea: compromise or conflict?
Office condominiums take growing role in US economy
Dark side of Japan's justice: defendant 'guilty until proven innocent'
Catherine Deneuve: more than just a pretty face
10 years after independence, Bangladesh moves toward self-sufficiency in food
Monitor science editor honored for planet series
Hopes Eternal
Reagan can do better than Camp David
Top Pakistani judges quit as Zia makes power play
US-Korean war games rattle the windows, but not the villagers
Urban sprawl brings mixed blessings to California mayor
Flags fluttering over Poland signal nationwide state of alert
Another Briton accused of being double agent
In West Virginia, miners keep strike larders stocked
Brooks of Olympics would shuck Captain Bligh image
Variable-rate mortgages permitted