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Monitor Archive for March 24, 1981

Court upholds abortion-notice law
Old Woman
Wrong signal on the environment
Japan on car cuts: US must ask
Parochial America
Cruising past the noble of ALASKA
Europe squabbles our economic
Jordan's King Hussein not ready to join Palestinian talks
New Zealand's 'silent majority' march against militant unionists
Growing China trade: silk, spices give way to sneakers and soap
Nabisco sending refunds for 'copper crackers'
Changing perceptions
A federal subsidy so far missed by budget cutters -- irrigation
Eurocrats' pay, perks draw flak
Mexico races the calendar to build water pipelines for its people
What's on Moscow's mind? Spring mostly
A great hoofer talks about the return of tap dancing
Ford reassures Deng on relations with US
Yugoslav youth: East Europe's trend setters
Walesa wins pledge for no Polish strike
Berlin Wall melodrama -- reminder of an ominous presence
California fruit growers battle illegal immigrant -- the 'Medfly'
Scientists concerned how rise in CO[2] will alter world weather
'Rent a judge' offers expertise in a swift process
US permits sale to Egypt of 2 A-plants and fuel
Today needs you
'Minitrials' unsnag business disputes
Syria says it won't send 3 skyjackers to Pakistan
Rare finds in Galveston: More than a poor man's Rio
Iran's speaker plays down peace efforts in Gulf war
'Abandon ship' -- via new marine safety gear
Coal contract won't end miners' woes
Phyllis Haders's instructions for washing and stretching quilts
Lifelong love of quilts becomes "a calling, a hobby, a vocation"
Salvador guerrilla leaders predict triumph in the end
US warm-up to South Africa stirs black Africa -- analysis
Sweden goes on the defense to protect its valued neutrality
Jane Byrne's move to project no empty gesture
Questions for Thatcher on double-agent charge
Seaga brings new tone to Jamaica; anti-US talk gone
Italians cautious on effect of develuation, credit vise
If budget battle comes, it'll be in summer, in House
Argentina's price spiral: 'down' to 80% last year but still defiant
Glacier Bay: this year's cruises
Libya moving closer to Soviets as Qaddafi drops nonalignment policy
Though she's tops, Evert Lloyd says peak is yet to come
Some US religious militants adopt trappings of real war
Bush to the rescue?
Beginnings (for a marriage)
The case of the meddlesome moralist -- alias Ibsen's 'Wild Duck'
Portugal bargains for US military aid with strategic mid-Atlantic base
The many masks of modern art
The bank that puts a shoulder to Latin America's wheel
Power grid generates a million jobs in a former Brazilian wasteland
Mexico weighs price cut in weakening oil market
Vice-President's portfolio grows