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Monitor Archive for March 19, 1981

Trident delays prompt US to which bidding
Libya-Chad merger echoes; Africans complain about Arab exploitation
Tangy fresh lemons liven wintertime menus

Mayonnaise easy to make at home

US says any auto curb by Japan needs legal grit
The costant image
San Diego's 'Tijuana trolley' -- no stops for US aid
Nigeria warns Britain, West on apartheid
Georges Bank oil search raises hopes -- and doubts
Senate panel backs Reagan budget cutting
French beat out US on Egyptian nuclear deal
ABC Closeup on the mercenary's twilight world
Oil-scarce world eager for US coal
Oscar picks Elgin
Where can we find safety?
Drugs in cosmetics
Daniel in the examiners' den
Colombia reports capture of guerrilla kingpins
Black Sash hits shortcomings of S. Africa regime
Testing Reagan's labor policy
Kremlin yearns to improve trade ties with Japan
Cook's choice: the nutty taste, natural color of brown rice
Iranian Speaker may lose clout under unity move
Shellings dim peace hopes in south Lebanon
The size of Mr. Reagan's task
Reagan becomes divisive foreign policy issue in Australia
New moppet giving Nadia a run for the money
Where condo costs are highest
An evening of Samuel: Beckett: theatrics and paradox -- what else?
South Korea Cuts back economic barriers
Paintings that speak for the refugee
N.Y. 'sting' ends in bus ride to jail
Let the marketplace reglate broadcasting
Faulty chemical weapons being destroyed by US
USSR sees new problems if US arms Afghan rebels
US policy tilts toward selling arms to Argentina
Recycled trophies
Moms and card collecting
Conspicuous non-consumption
Debate on budget figures heats up -- and Reagan slips a bit in polls
French Quimper pottery adds charm to country rooms
Militant Polish farmers demand talks of Warsaw
WHAT'S HOLDING BACK AMERICAN INDUSTRY?; :Burning toast and scraping it
Rocky on retirement
A valuable forum
Pinch seen in apartment building
South Africans raid 125 miles into Angola
Bottle buffs find field varied enough to satisfy all tastes and pocketbooks
Camps for terrorists run by Soviets, Haig charges
Dry winters change the economics of New England ski weekends
Now, 'time' for sale for relaxing on Nob hill
Cuts in federal highway funds may mean rougher roads ahead
BUSHMEN: the hunters now hunt guerillas
On the waterfront today: mob rule wears white collar
More figures on economy hint slowdown for US
Reagan's troika: seeting the pace
O'Hare remodeling plan would cut walking, give jets 'elbow room'
Warming up to Argentina